James sessions paintings/prints

Oct 06, 2018. 19:05 UTC
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United States of America

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2 James Sessions Paintings/Prints. Both have his signature. One has a number 31. Framed, under glass.


Art owned by my mother.

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€400 - €500 (Euro)
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Oct 09, 15:11 UTC
By Sophie Clauwaert

This pair of watercolours on paper were painted by James Milton Sessions (1882-1962) in the 1930's. James Milton Sessions was an American maritime painter, best known for his watercolor paintings of sport fishing, ocean landscapes, and World War II naval warfare. Sessions worked as a commercial illustrator, importantly documenting the Pacific and European campaigns of the war, as well as creating advertisements for numerous industrial vehicles in military use. Born in Rome, NY on September 20, 1882, he went on to what was purportedly a very prolific artistic career, however, Sessions destroyed much of his work before his death in Chicago, IL on November 14, 1962. Some of his remaining paintings can be found among the collections of important institutions like the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and in the Art Institute of Chicago.

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