Ink and watercolor painting of tiger on paper
17 June 2022

Large painting of tiger ,on textured paper (maybe rice paper?)


48" x 26"



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By David U.
Jun 18, 16:09 UTC
Fair Market Value
$80 - $140 USD
Insurance Value $0 USD
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Considering the photos, this item is:

A mid 20th century watercolor on paper (probably mulberry or pith paper) Japanese painting. Good condition and framed. These types of Japanese panels with iconic animal scenes, specially tigers, and striking backgrounds surrounded by flowers and nature depict good fortune and protection symbols. The motifs in this set are recurrent motifs in the 20th century Asian art.

Signed. Good condition.

$ 80 - 140

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Saso muratovic Jun 18, 16:57 UTC

48" x 26"

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