Hokusai manga (the sketchbook of hokusai)

Sep 14, 2021. 19:58 UTC
Hokusai manga (the sketchbook of Hokusai)
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This is a small book of drawings. I believe it is: Hokusai manga (the sketchbooks of Hokusai) By Katsushika Hokusai. 1760-1849 Volume 14 publication 1868 The book is 9” vertical dimension, 6 1/4” horizontal and about 1/8” thick. It is bound with string or thread that needs repair. Each page has a drawing mostly on animals or landscape scenes. For many of the pages the drawing spans both pages as the book lies open.



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$600 USD
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Hokusai manga. Volume 14 - Edo[Tokyo] 1868, 16x23,9cm.

First edition, rare, that can be translated under the title Sketch of Hokusai, volume 14. 15 volumes have actually appeared covering the work of Hokusai. The first was published in 1815 and the last posthumously in 1878. The final volume is considered apocryphal by some art historians. the Volume on 30 double sheets contains about 39 engravings of which 12 on double page, there are several animated landscapes, real and mythological animals. There are 3 colors, flesh, gray and black.

"The series Hokusai manga had fifteen volumes. The first volume was published in 1814 and the tenth, which was supposed to be the final volume, in 1819. The series was so popular that the publishers added several more books, finally ending with volume 15 in 1878, long after Hokusai's death in1849. These drawings demonstrate Hokusai's remarkable ability to capture the essence of the body in motion. His signature reads Hokusai aratame Katsushika Taito ("Hokusai changed to Katsushika Taito")."

Excerpt taken from the website of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which has copies of volumes 1 to 11 in its collection.

The Harvard Art Museum also has copies in its collection.

The valuation is based on prices in the Asian art market at auction houses and antique shops around the world, we consulted several databases.

$600 - $750

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