Hanging candle lit latern
09 October 2022

This is a beautiful piece and we want to confirm it's age and value. Photos show various features of this product. It has fabric between the top and bottom.


Apx. 9 inches diameter and from top of hook to bottom is 15 inches.


This was from a family who had other Asian or Middle Eastern decor.

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Auction House
For sale
Answered within 1 day
By David U.
Oct 11, 10:09 UTC
Fair Market Value
$70 - $130 USD
Insurance Value $0 USD
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Hello again Caroline,

Thank you for your submission.

This is a vintage, mid 20th century, hanging candle lantern. According to its shape, it might be from Japan as it has a typical rounded shape.

Good condition, signals of age.

Caroline nelson-spears Oct 12, 12:23 UTC

Thank you, we may be interested in selling this and are glad to have this listed on your marketplace for $75 - do I need to contact someone else to do this?

Kind regards,
Caroline Spears

Caroline nelson-spears Oct 13, 13:03 UTC

Hello - feel free to let us know how to get this listed on the Marketplace - I had a couple other items evaluated with a maybe listed for selling and it went to marketplace automatically.

Is that an option with this item? We will use your expertise for the price to list it.

Thank you!

Caroline Spears

David u. Oct 24, 12:22 UTC

Hello Caroline! Of course, you can contact our Customer Support team, so they can help you better with this.

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