Hand-carved wood buddha head, with polychrome traces, southern china, circa end of 18th century

Oct 19, 2017. 12:01 UTC
Hand-carved wood Buddha head, with polychrome traces, Southern China, circa end of 18th Century

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Ancient and evocative, this head has very beautiful sculptural details. The sensuous full face with slender bow-shaped eyes and hooded eyelids casting a serene and meditative aura with his omniscient black pupils gazing intently ahead. All below evenly arched eyebrows tapering at the ends issuing from the broad straight nose and small bud mouth with full pale red lips above a thick rounded neck. A domed ushnisha (the crown of hair) with the neatly coifed hair sculptured remaining on the forehead and on the sides around the pendulous earlobes.. Dimensions: Height: cm 22,5 Head diameter: cm 15,5 Base diameter: cm 9,5 Weight: gr 808 Chips and a few areas of minor rubbing on the polychrome painting, otherwise intact, in good conditions. Beautiful patina.


This was my mother's aunt "antique treasure". She kept telling all her life long that the head of the Buddha was dating back 1790 and was coming from Southern China. Do not know much more than this. When she died (something like ten years ago) the family was throwing the Buddha head away but I rather preferred keeping it.

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Oct 20, 20:15 UTC
By Merlyn Haunstrup-Clemmensen

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$500 - $800 USD

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$1,300 USD
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Dear Collector
Your Buddha head is from south China and 19Th century. It is very decorative and has a nice look to it.

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