Gucci golf bag

Feb 28, 2018. 19:32 UTC
Gucci Golf Bag
United States of America

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Traditional Gucci Print and Leather Straps/features. Neighbor who gave to me said that bag was new when he purchased it and he has never used. Slight wear on some of the leather, but overall it is in good/excellent quality.


Neighbor gave me the bag last weekend. He was going to throw it away and he gave it to me instead. He purchased it in Milan, Italy in the 1970s where he and his wife were living at the time.

Answered within 30 minutes
Feb 28, 20:02 UTC
By Nora Curl

Fair Market Value

$200 - $800 USD

Insurance Value

$1,000 USD
What does this mean?

This is a vintage 1970's golf bag by the Italian firm of Gucci. The bag is done with the eponymous Gucci logo and brown leather. For the Gucci firm, the 1970s was not the top time for the luxury brand; especially compared to the current fervor for their goods. The estimate is based on actual recent past recorded auction sales of comparables. Retail 'asking prices' can be higher and vary.

Kristin reese Feb 28, 20:07 UTC

Thank you for the quick response! Can't believe our neighbor had it in the trash pile to throw away. I noticed it immediately and he was happy to 'give' to me.

Nora curl Feb 28, 20:09 UTC

Good find!

John ferrin Apr 30, 23:59 UTC

Will you be selling this?? I am interested

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