Fired clay head of an animal
09 August 2023

This is the head of an animal. Bird like nose with mouse like ears. Looks unglazed with some black glaze around eyes and nose. Nice carved decorations on top of skull and around the mouth . Small chip on nose and one ear.


2 1/4” tall 2 7/8 to tip of nose Base 1 1/2”

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By David U.
Aug 11, 17:19 UTC
Fair Market Value
$500 - $700 USD
Insurance Value $0 USD
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Based on the images and available information, this item is:

A Pre-Columbian chancay fired clay head of an animal. The Chancay culture was an ancient civilization that existed in the central coastal region of Peru, particularly during the Late Intermediate Period (1000 to 1470 AD). This culture is known for its distinctive artistic expressions, including pottery, textiles, and other artifacts. Animal-fired clay objects are one of the notable types of artifacts associated with the Chancay culture.

Chancay artisans were skilled in crafting fired clay objects, many of which depicted animals. These animal figures were created using a coiling technique, where the clay was rolled into coils and then shaped into the desired forms. These clay figures were often utilitarian or ceremonial in nature, and they served various purposes within Chancay society.

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