Fine furs leafgren saint paul

Nov 17, 2018. 01:59 UTC
Fine Furs Leafgren Saint Paul
United States of America


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Mid length fur coat with leather belt, side panels


Salvation Army store in Orlando Florida

Answered within about 2 hours
Nov 17, 04:24 UTC
By Grace Harlow

Fair Market Value

$150 - $350 USD

Insurance Value

$500 USD
What does this mean?

The appraised work is a mid-length fur coat with black leather details and a belt. Based on the photographs provided, the coat appears to be mink with a collar that is also mink but possibly fox. The fabric lining has an interesting stylized design with Asian motifs, including geishas, dragons, and pagodas. The label states that the coat was manufactured by Leafgren Furs, which was a company based in St. Paul, Minnesota. Leafgren was co-owned by Robert Leafgren, and was one of several fur establishments in Minnesota. The state has historically been the second-largest mink producer in the United States, following Wisconsin. Both states have been linked to the fur trade since the 18th century when it was a popular trade commodity among foreign settlers and Native Americans. It is believed that Robert Leafgren closed his business during the late 1990s, after about thirty years, which suggests that the appraised work was created during that time span.

The estimate provided is based on comparables recently offered and sold at auction. In many cases, pricing for similar items available on the primary (retail) market vary, and are often higher than secondary (auction) market examples.

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