Faces of Happiness
04 December 2022

Merano blown glass piece with four life sized faces stacked vertically


1 ft by 3 1/2 ft


My parents purchased this piece directly from the artist in Murano.

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By Denizalp D.
Dec 05, 17:53 UTC
Fair Market Value
$10,000 - $16,000 USD
Suggested Asking Price $12,000 USD
What does this mean?

Hello Andrew,

I’m very glad that you chose Mearto for your online appraisal,

Considering the photographs, overall pattern, glass quality and the colours, I concluded that this is an Entirely Hand Blown Original Murano Glass Artwork, Sculpture made by the well known Venetian Glass Artist Pino Signoretto. The piece dates back to the period between 1998-2000. The piece was directly purchased from the artist's atelier in the island of Murano, Italy. The piece is composed of three male faces positioned on each other in different colour of Scavo Glass. The piece has a transparent base framed with a black layer of glass. The piece is quite large, Signoretto's real life size pieces are highly sought after and usually have a tendency of breaking the expected price range in auctions. The heds have a very sharp but neat looking finish on their back, meaning that the piece was designed for a single facade mainly. The model face used for these representations was likely an over-weight model based on the appearance of the faces but it is not known if the artist used a specific model or not. The piece is in good condidition without visible problems. A unique piece, I would expect it to reach more than my estimate but this is the more reliable data from the past auctions. You can consult these different results of his life size pieces:




Entirely hand blown Murano Glass.

Dimensions: 3 1/2 Feet by 1 Feet

Condition: The piece is in good condidition without visible problems.

Provenance: Directly purchased from the artist in 1999 or 2000.


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Andrew obrien Dec 05, 20:01 UTC

Hi Denizalp,

Thank you for taking the time to review my piece. It is quite unique. My parents and I traveled to Italy in 1999 or 2000. We were in Venice looking at some local art when we were approached by a local that asked if we would like to take a trip to Murano to see where they blow the glass. We agreed and when we were there we met who O believe was Pino Signoretto (the artist who made the piece). The negotiations took over two hours, because Pino wanted this particular piece in a museum, but after settling on a price he agreed to sell it to us if we had a place to showcase it. The piece is well over 3 feet high and ~1 foot wide. It is solid and extremely heavy. I do not think we were given any authentication papers. If we were I do not have them.

I have added a better picture of the signature.

Thank you!

Andrew obrien Dec 07, 22:25 UTC


Just following up. Thanks.

Denizalp d. Dec 08, 00:38 UTC

Dear Andrew,

I’ve seen the new pictures and thank you for the provenance. I’ll attach an appraisal as soon as possible. Since this is a unique piece I require just a little bit more time to review past auctions.


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