Etched glass vase from antique dealer in usa

Jan 08, 2022. 00:46 UTC
ETCHED Glass VASE from Antique dealer in USA
United States of America

Murano glass

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VASE, base 3 1/8 "Dia then it rounds to 4". 2.5" up it starts a spiral design smaller to larger as it graduates uptake spiral at it thinnest start 3" for the bottom and go to exactly 3" above this ending at 6" - then the top is 2" above this . The vase shape as seen, is smaller at base to 5.5" did at the top- Shiney glass inside etched glass outside and at the rim of the top. Clouded look on entire outer side. No signature or markings anywhere, it came to me with glass powder all over it as if it was NEW??? They were in the edges around the spiral design.


1ST DIBS is the website I purchased it from, I find out that an Antique dealer back east in US listed it for sale as MERANO Glass, when it showed up0 it looked like something from a CHEEP department store, then I started to return it only to have the 1st DIB site contact drag our correspondence out till my time period to return it was up!!! They said they had experts on staff but couldn't confirm ANY thing about it, did not provide me with information AT ALL, and said it was Circ 1968... They then give me this message--> ""Before I can agree to such action I firstly need to establish whether it is indeed Murano glass or not. I have reached out to the seller asking a few questions and putting what you have said to them. In addition, I have reached out to one of our Art and Design specialists to simultaneously investigate."" Then they never er got back top me $335.00 for a pice of what looks to be JUNK!!! ""

Answered within 2 days
Jan 09, 21:04 UTC
By Delia

Fair Market Value

$150 - $200 USD

Insurance Value

$350 USD
What does this mean?

Hi Margot,

Thank you for contacting Mearto with your appraisal inquiry.
I'm sorry to hear about your troubles on 1stDibs.
I can't tell from your description how tall this is - is it 6 inches?

Thanks to confirm,

Margot fenner Jan 10, 22:54 UTC

I thought that paying was finished - didn't see any else to do, I paid for 3 appraisals!
Did I miss something? I have proof already from your webs site that this glass vase is NOT MURANO GLASS!!! But my bank needs a professionals proof of FAKe, the bank representative native has been to your ARTIST Studios (LUCKY HER) she is the one who directed me to get the appraisals from your ARTIST establishment … then I can return it and get the piece I desire from your gallery!
Thanks so much!!!

Delia Jan 13, 12:10 UTC

Good morning, Margot,
It is impossible to say definitively that this is a fake but from what I am seeing, and what you have said, I am confident in saying that it is almost certainly a fake, possibly part of a large trade of reproductions currently being made in China. While I'm not entirely certain of the height, I would say a fair market value - at auction - for this piece would be $150-200.

Margot fenner Jan 13, 22:15 UTC

The height was spelled out to be 6" tall, how could an etched glass vase be MURANO GLASS?? from late 1980'S? Murano is colorful and sleek on the inside and out...and how could it be worth even $100 if it is from a department store???

Delia Jan 14, 17:22 UTC

There are some Murano pieces that emulate Roman Glass but this does not appear to be one of them. Reproduction Murano pieces of this kind are bringing very little money at auction, which are the prices Mearto appraises at. $150-200 at auction is correct.

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