Ed leader mr tops twin twirler 1950s possible photo
01 November 2022

I bought from antique sales looks antique and possible photo from creator of twin twirler spinning


8 1/8 X 10 1/4


I bought from antique sales

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For sale
Answered within about 21 hours
By Sara S
Nov 02, 02:13 UTC
Fair Market Value
$10 - $50 USD
Suggested Asking Price $20 USD
What does this mean?

Hello again Jesus,

Thank you for your appraisal inquiries with Mearto. The item presented appears to be a halftone photo mechanical print of a gentleman attributed as Ed Leader ; Mr Tops. The Twin Twirler spinning top toy was invented by a man named Wallace F. Darden from Springfield, Tennessee. He was granted U.S. patent 2614364 on October 21, 1952 for that specific toy. However, there are many inventions and manufacturers of the toy known as "Top" or "Spinning Top." No direct research connected Ed Leader to a spinning top toy. Mr. Leader may have been a sales person or personality during a promotional event for the toy.

The estimate provided is based on recent auction estimates and results of comparable photomechanical prints of similar photographs dating to the 1950s. The estimate is contingent on a full condition report. Please note asking or dealer prices may vary. Thank you and please take care.

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