Chinese Room-Divider Hand-Painted Mural

Jan 01, 2022. 10:22 UTC
Chinese Room-Divider Hand-Painted Mural
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This handpainted Chinese Mural has a vibrant gold, green & black backdrop. There is a scene painted of a village of people and families standing spread out from each other. The people appear to be watching the military force that is passing through the village. It looks like a military of fighter soldiers riding on horses going off to battle. There is a leader. Someone like a Commander riding in front leading the military and carrying a large flag that has Chinese Marks written on it. On the back of the Divider it is signed with Chinese Marks. There are also 3 large white crane type birds painted on it with a colorful paradise garden scene painted on the left hand side of the back. The unit is stands 6 Feet Tall. And about 8 feet long. The unit is heavy. Approx 70 to 80 pounds. All the latches to the unit appear to be bronze. There are 6 panels to the entire unit. Each panel has 2 legs at the bottom that are also wrapped with a bronze cover to protect the legs of each panel; so the unit is held up; and does not sit completely down on the ground.


I have owned the Chinese Mural Divider for almost 20 years. I purchased it from a Husband and wife in Orange County, California. It had been in their family over 40 years. I do not recall the previous owners name.

Answered within 5 days
Jan 05, 22:39 UTC
By Denizalp D.

Fair Market Value

$800 - $1,500 USD

Suggested Asking Price

$800 USD
What does this mean?

Hello Noel,

I’m very glad that you chose Mearto for your online appraisal,

Considering the photographs, overall pattern, painting quality, label and the colours, I concluded that this is a Hand Painted Chinese Room Divider made in Hong Kong, the last quarter of the 20th century. The piece has six panels shaped and decorated as one piece. The piece is not entirely wood and there is a plated surface on the foundation material which we can easily detect from the scorched layers. The composition on the piece probably depicts a "return back home". The cavalry and the infantry following a nobleman returning from either a battle or a diplomatic voyage. On the left side of the composition we can detect the nobleman's family and likely his subjects welcoming him and his man. The piece was hand painted on a molded surface, so the embossments you see are not made by hand but rather molded. The painting quality can be considered as average for the last quarter of the 20th century.

The facial expression of the people are rendered poorly and does not represent the facial expression from classical Chinese Art. The expressions of the horses are also notably poorly rendered, hairs of the horses are superficial. The piece has an inscription on it's backside which reports it's production date. It says "Spring 1979", so this piece can not be made before 1979. It also has a label saying "Made in Hong Kong" which is expected and similar to those of 1970's productions from Hong Kong. The feet of the panels are not bronze, it is either brass or aluminium, equivalent metal with a golden paint on it. We can detect the paint overflows on the right corner foot, this also shows that the painting process was done with an average quality for 1970's. The lower panels have idillyc scenes composed of traditional chinese style birds and flowers.

Hand painted on a layer placed on another molded surface.

Dimensions: 6 Feet Tall by 8 Feet Long, 70-80 Pounds of Weight.

Condition: In fair condition with signes of use, there are scorched parts to the piece.

Provenance: It was purchased by the current owner from a husband and wife in Orange County, California, 20 years ago. They claimed that the piece was in their family for the past 40 years.

Decorated by a "Return Back Home" scene alongside idillyc lower panels.


Please don’t hesitate to reach us again for more online appraisals on your precious items, thank you for choosing Mearto.

Noel hill Jan 06, 02:17 UTC

Hello! There is a label on the right end foot that says, "Made in HongKong". I have uploaded the picture.

Can you please inform me what the writing and/or signature on the back of the mural divider actually says?
Will that information be outlined in the completed appraisal?

Finally, can you please confirm you have read the Additional Description information I uploaded in the picture section? I had to take a closer look at the Mural Divider and that is when I discovered there were 3 Horeseman on the mural that were dressed in Royal attire; and wearing Royal Crowns on their head; looking as if they were entering into a Palace.

Noel hill Jan 07, 07:42 UTC

Hello! I am a bit confused by the verbiage in this email. This email is saying, "that my item HAS been appraised by a Mearto Specialist and my Appraisal can be found by pressing the link.

Yet when I hit the link there was a question! And NO attached Appraisal! This is very confusing. What is the name of the Mearto Specialist working on my appraisal please?
Has my appraisal been conpleted yet because it was not attached to this link as stated??

Have I provided you with everything you need in order to complete my appraisal. Your immediate attention regarding my questions would be very much appreciated.

Denizalp d. Jan 07, 08:57 UTC

Dear Noel,

I’m sorry for the confusion, I’m the specislist working on your appraisal. I believe the system sent that message when I added the text asking about a label on your feet. Your appraisal is not finished yet since the “Hong Kong” lanel is a newly added information. Your extensive explanation is very helpful, thank you very much for that. I will appraise your item within today, I hope I did provide the satisfactory informstion. If you have any question do not hesitate to ask. Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,

Noel hill Jan 07, 14:29 UTC

Thank you for getting back with me and clarifying things. Please take your time. I just was confused because the email said my appraisal was ready and it actually was not. I DO NOT want my appraisal rushed. I want to make sure you take all the time you need to help me understand this amazing work of art. Thanks..

Noel hill Jan 08, 19:41 UTC

Hello Denizalp!
Can you please tell me which report is best to get if I am trying to sell my items at auction? Should I be purchasing an Appraisal Report or should I purchase an Authetication Report? What is the difference between the 2 reports. Don't you have to authenticate an item as you are doing the research to appraise the item? Why would I choose a Authentication Report verses appraising an item? Does not the appraiseal report trump the Authentication Report? Please Advise. Thank you.

Denizalp d. Jan 08, 19:58 UTC

Dear Noel,

We do usually apply the authentication process to items valued over 3000$. Or for the pieces that has been provided a conditional evaluation by our experts. Authentication report is a more precise and extensive report which clarifies your piece’s authenticity. We require detailed and high resolution pictures with specific angles or close-ups. In your pieces case, it will probably not be valued over 3000$. And I will not provide a conditional evaluation, my valuation is almost ready and I will provide it shortly. Please ask more questions if you have any doubts.

Kind regards…

Noel hill Jan 08, 20:08 UTC

Hello Denizalp!
Can you please tell me which report is best to get if I am trying to sell my items at auction? Should I be purchasing an Appraisal Report or should I purchase an Authetication Report? What is the difference between the 2 reports. Don't you have to authenticate an item as you are doing the research to appraise the item? Why would I choose a Authentication Report verses appraising an item? Does not the appraiseal report trump the Authentication Report? Please Advise. Thank you.

Noel hill Jan 08, 20:11 UTC

Please disregard my last duplicated message. Thank you for the explanation.

Noel hill Jan 08, 20:22 UTC

Okay! So since my item is not going to be valued over $3000.00 and I am attempting to sell my item at auction; Can I change my request to an Authentication Report??
It appears that the Authentication Report would likely be way more valuable to me then an appraisal. I wish your website explained the 2 Reports much better. But I was asked if I am interested in selling my item on the application. But of course I want to sell my item to the highest bidder! I do not want to sell it for a low appraised value. It would be nice if this was asked to the paying customer or explained up front in the application process.

Noel hill Jan 08, 20:35 UTC

Hello Denizalp! FYI! I have been collecting for many years but sending my items to auction is new for me. So any guidance on the best documents to use when approaching the auctions for consideration would be much appreciated by you the expert especially since you do advetise that you offer Co-Signment opportunities. What will it take to have both and an Appraisal Report and a Authentication Report for my item please? Can I get a courtesy Authentication Report since this information was not explained better?

Noel hill Jan 09, 05:38 UTC

Okay Denizalp! So sorry but I am just very confused. I am 100% not in agreement with you indicating the value of my Chinese Mural Divider will not be valued at over $3000.00. I have been looking at some of the "Sold" Chinese Mural Dividers on Accredited Online Gallaries such as 1st Dibs, and there are multiple Chinese Mural Dividers there that are plain, with no history, no customized painting or marks that have sold for well over $6Kto $8K! And there are Chinese Divider comparable to mine that have sold for well over $10K to $15K; and saling upwards of $20K to 60K. So my question to you is where are you getting your information from?

You have had my submission since January 3rd or 4th 2022. I actually submitted my item for appraisal on Janiary 1, 2022.

So Mearto has had my submission for almost 10 days now and somehow you are telling me it is not worth much?

Acvording to your website your appraisals take 48 hours or less! Why had it been almost 10 days and you are now telling me my item has no real value? I am offended and I am very concerned about you actually appraising my item.

Even Ebay and Etsy have Chinese Dividers not as beautiful, customized, large or marked that are selling and sold for over $3K. My Chinese Mural Divider is LARGE! It's Lacquared. It has 6 panals, it is over 6 feet tall and 8 feet long and Marked.

Are you looking at the market and comparing my item to the Mini Chinese Dividers that are out there?

Go to: Chinese Room Dividers and Screens 1stDibs. 1st Dibs only sells high-end luxury items. You cannot even Sell with 1st Dibs unless you are a Certified Gallery.

Go to the "SOLD" items starting on page 4. And please do not ignore all the prices on your way to page 4 outlining how much regular Chinese dividers are selling for! The majority of those Chinese dividers "SOLD starting on page 4 did not even have history, engraving, custom artwork or marks and sold for $5K, $10K, $15K and up. Why am I being Low-Balled on my appraisal I haven't even received yet after almost 10 days?

I have a large collection art from around the world. This Chinese Mural Divider was a trial run with Mearto! Many of my Professional Gallery friends here locally in California wanted feedback from me as to whether your company was actually legit! I have my doubts at this pount. I was hoping to have a long standing relationship with Mearto and refer all my Gallery Owners. I want to speak to whoever is in charge Please.

Noel hill Jan 09, 09:31 UTC

For the record I am certain my Chinese Mural Divider Screen from HongKong is 18th or 19th Century. China is making major strides in the art world. They are very interested in recovering their history and lost ancient artifacts; and art that was taken from their country. The Chinese & Korean's are now the #1 buyers paying millions of dollars on the auction blocks across the world in order to recovery much of their lost art that tells all the stories about the countries history. Are you even aware of this? Not trying to be rude.

But why do you think these Chinese Mural Divider Screens are selling for so much money everywhere? HongKong's New Museum opening is proof of this.

Chendu is now positioning itself as the Art Capital of Southwest China with the opening of 2 New Museums and a Biennial this past weekend.

I have owned my Chinese Mural Divider Screen for almost 21 years and the family before me owned it for almost 40 years. I know for a fact there is some rich history behind the images of this very beautiful piece of art that I possess.

Please have a person in your company of Authority reach out to me please. I do not trust you have the experience or world knowledge in order to qualify to appraise my item.

Denizalp d. Jan 09, 10:11 UTC

Dear Noel, I have expertise in Chinese and Japanese pieces dating back to as far as the 13th century. Even older Yuan Wares. But I'm sorry to tell you that it is impossible for your piece to be 18th or 19th century. 18th century pieces would never have a "made in" label. also early and mid 19th century pieces would not have it. But above all, your piece has already a date on it. The writing you wanted me to translate clearly says that this piece was made in "Spring 1979" in Hong Kong. I'll attach your appraisal shortly. Please do not hesitate to ask me more, thanks.

Kin regards,

Denizalp d. Jan 09, 10:26 UTC

Dear Noel, I understand your concerns but you've actually told me not to rush on this piece so I've extended my research upon your own request in order to get more information out of your piece. As I've said I translated the inscription behind the piece. And compared your piece to the sold auction values, some websites you have mentioned are not accurate while providing a fair market value. Mearto as a company and I as a specialist have expertise and experience with Chinese Room Dividers, so my appraisal will represent a fair market value for your piece. I'm sorry if you've been misinformed about the piece's history or production date. Please do not hesitate to ask more.

Kind regards,

Denizalp d. Jan 09, 13:46 UTC

Dear Noel,

Your appraisal is ready and attached. Please do not hesitate to ask questions about it.

Kind regards,

Noel hill Jan 10, 00:45 UTC

Hello Denizalp! Thank you for clarifying your credentials. On paper you appear to be qualified. But unfortunately this appraisal report is not acceptable!

This appraisal has no Full Detail outlining the marks on the back of my item and what exactly it is saying. Since you are a expert in Chinese history and art I was at least expecting that information in my appraisal report.

Also, this appraisal report you provided me is not acceptable because you have chosen to broadcast my concerns and misinformation within the appraisal report which does not show my item in a favorable light for resell.

Please coreect the appraisal report removing the comparable information that does not pertain to my item.

Please provide me an appraisal report without all the arrogent fluff by just sticking to the facts about my item please.

All of the extra information you provided in the report as to why my item does not match the quality of more older pieces; should not have been included in my appraisal report!

You highlighted and addressed my doubts within my appraisal report and this is not your best work nor is it professional, nor does it show my item in a positive light when trying to sell.

You have made your Point! So can you please clean up the appraisal report only sticking to the facts about my item itself; and resend it please. Thank you.

Noel hill Jan 10, 08:11 UTC

Hello! May I ask are there other Specialist at Mearto that I can work with in the future if I decide to do this again? This has been a very bad experience for me.

I cannot use the appraisal you have provided whatsoever! It has absolutely No Value to me.

You have downplayed my item by including information that should have been sent to me privately. I expressed doubts and asked you questions privately. This information should not have been brought out in my appraisal report.

You included all the reasons why my item is not as valuable as older pieces instead of just sticking to the facts about my item. If I offended you I apologize. It appears this was just not a good match.

But this is unexceptable. Please remove all the damaging verbiage that downplays the value of my item; and provide me with an appraisal report that I won't be embarrassed to show a potential buyer. Thank you.

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