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Aug 11, 2022. 13:41 UTC
chinese painting
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Aug 13, 18:30 UTC
By David U.

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$400 - $600 USD

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Hello Jim,

Thank you for contacting Mearto and for your patience.

This is a Chinese painting on silk with a calligraphic poem. The red seal is the mark of the artist or collector, but it is unidentifiable. I cannot give you an accurate date of the painting, but the vividness of the colors suggests to me that it is no older than the 19th century (late Qing).

For Chinese silk paintings of this size and type, without known artists, prices can vary. Your painting is very detailed and skillfully painted of animal sports, so I have tried to find works at a similar level as a comparison marker. Ancient equestrian sports first appeared among the northern nomadic people. During the Tang Dynasty, horse-riding skills diversified, and special equestrianism shows were performed as entertainment. There were also "dancing horse performances" during the Tang Dynasty with performers riding on horses in fancy dress dancing to the music. Equestrianism became a part of military training in the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Based on sales of other paintings like this one, the Fair Market Value is between $400 and $600.

Jim gibbin Aug 14, 01:31 UTC

Hello - these are the best quality I could get with the rather poor camera on my phone, I don't have access to a better camera. I will be OK with your best estimate. thanks, Jim

Jim gibbin Aug 14, 01:38 UTC

Please note the presence of reflections in the glass.

Jim gibbin Aug 14, 01:43 UTC

I am most interested in any historical information you might be able to provide. thanks, Jim

Jim gibbin Aug 14, 01:46 UTC

I just purchased this at auction just because I liked it.

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