Chinese or japanese black enameled brass vase

Jun 15, 2020. 19:07 UTC
Chinese or Japanese Black Enameled Brass Vase
United States of America

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Hello. I have a pair of black enameled vases that were given to my mother in the 1940s (San Francisco). They appear Chinese and are shiny black with etched brass images of a pagoda with a sea below and mountains in the distance. Each vase has a marking where the artist might sign it (lower edge of the scene). The bottoms have no markings, and each has a small dent on the rear side, but they remain in very good condition. Each vase measures 7 1/8 inches tall and 3 1/8 inches at the widest part with the rim at the top measuring 2 inches. I believe they are enameled brass, as they are a type of metal. I would like to learn more about them. Thank you for your consideration.


The vases were given to my mother as a gift from a friend in San Francisco in the 1940s. She gave them to me before she passed away.

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Jun 16, 14:50 UTC
By s.k. Breider

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$50 - $100 USD

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$150 USD
What does this mean?

These are mixed metal vases, engraved with a decoration wo. Mount Fuji in Japan. These are Japanese vases. Vases are made mid 20th century and made for export for western counties. Nice pair of brass type vases with silver type and gold type foil to give the vases more detail. Probably not real gold is used.

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