Carved chest/trunk

Nov 21, 2021. 16:24 UTC
Carved chest/trunk
United States of America

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34" x 16.5" x 19" smells kind of like camphor wood. Flat head screws no markings anywhere. Wood feels rough where carved does not feel machined but do not know. Was purchased at an antique store with matching table and cabinet. Looks to be old. I have not seen a latch as this online with only one hole for the clasp. Most have 2 holes for latch. Back of chest is also carved.


The antique store did not have a history but told me it was 160 years old. I do not think it is that old, but I do not know for sure. Looks to be simple made together.

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Nov 23, 00:11 UTC
By Delia

Fair Market Value

$1,200 - $1,900 USD

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$1,900 USD
What does this mean?

Hi Renee,

Thank you for contacting Mearto with your appraisal inquiry.
This may have had a later glass panel to the top so this could be used as center/coffee table.
Based on the photos and information provided, and subject to examination, this is:

An antique Chinese export carved camphorwood or cedarwood chest
late 19th Century
The sides with deep relief landscape carving, a circular incised brass latch on the front, on short feet.
16 1/2 inches high, 34 inches wide, 19 inches deep
CONDITION: possibly lacking a later glass top; otherwise, condition appears to be good with wear commensurate to age and use.
PROVENANCE: acquired at an antique store

Together with

An antique Chinese export carved hardwood cocktail table with glass top
late 19th Century
With top with deep relief carving, one drawer at one end, over a shelf stretcher, on tall carved square-section legs.
26 1/2 inches tall, 21 1/4 inches wide, 16 inches deep
CONDITION: condition appears to be good with wear commensurate to age and use.
PROVENANCE: acquired at an antique store

Together with

An antique Chinese export carved hardwood cabinet
late 19th Century
The rectangular deep relief-carved top surmounted by a shaped backsplash, the corresponding case fitted with a long drawer with relief-carved front over a cabinet door with relief carving, on a scrolled base.
30 inches high, 16 inches wide, 13 1/2 inches deep
CONDITION: condition appears to be good with wear commensurate to age and use. Some abrasions to corners of top
PROVENANCE: acquired at an antique store
*represents a fair-market value for auction purposes; retail or asking price may vary.

Please let us know if you have additional items to appraise, and thank you again for using Mearto.

Renee covil Nov 24, 11:27 UTC

Hello. I got the appraisal on the camphor chest thank you. I also have a matching cocktail table and a small 1 drawer 1 door cabinet the size of a cocktail table that came with it. They are identical markings ect to the chest. I wanted to ask if I have those appraised as well, since they are a complete set would it be more valuable as a set or separate? If I have the other 2 pieces appraised, I would like to know the value of the set as a whole as I don't want to break it up. Can that be done or must you appraise separately? Also the cocktail table does have its glass top. If I have a glass top made for the chest and cabinet, will that add to the value or take away since it is not the original glass?


Delia Nov 24, 11:59 UTC

Hi Renee, if you have a set, you can add photos of the additional pieces and I can update the original appraisal to include them (when I appraise a set, I typically give prices for individual pieces as well as the total for the set).
I'd have to see photos of the chest and cabinet to say if a later top would add value or not.

Renee covil Nov 24, 12:26 UTC

The other pieces of the set are added as you requested. The first 5 are the table with the glass top. The next are the matching cabinet/ table. The last is the top of the chest you already looked at to show you the top and if it needs a glass put on and if it will help/ hurt its value by doing so. Thanks

Delia Nov 27, 19:21 UTC

Hi Renee,
What are the sizes of the other pieces?

Renee covil Nov 27, 21:16 UTC

The cocktail table with glass top is 26.5" tall 16" wide 21.25" deep

The cabinet is 30" tall at the back. The top of cabinet is 26.5" tall. It is 16" wide 13.5" deep.

Delia Nov 28, 18:49 UTC

Sorry for the delay Renee, you're all set.
As for whether or not it makes sense to make a glass top for the cabinet, it won't increase the value but it will extend the life of the carving a little bit.

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