Buddha head - unknown
28 August 2022

have what I believe is a Buddha head sculpture that I would like to know more about. Height Is approximately 9", width 8", depth 9". It ways 25 lbs. Not sure of the material, though it's solid and very heavy. It has a hold in the base, likely for mounting for display.


9"H, 8"W, 9"D



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By David U.
Aug 30, 13:50 UTC
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$200 - $400 USD
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What does this mean?

Dear Frank,

Thank you for contacting Mearto with your appraisal inquiry and for your patience.

This is a Head of Buddha, made out of, perhaps marble. Head fragment, ca. 20th century. Potentially in the Sukhothai style (14th century style).

The Buddha head resembles a young and charming Buddha that radiates calmness, and composure in a meditative stillness. He is always smiling depicting eternal happiness for the Buddha has surpassed the sufferings of the world and understands the connectivity of all beings. By simply wearing the Buddha head or having it in the living space it will invoke a peaceful and harmonious energy into the atmosphere to help with calmness.

$ 200 - 400
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Frank hill Sep 02, 15:46 UTC

Good morning,
Just wanted to follow up and see if the additional photos were sufficient. Please let me know.

Frank H.

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