Boy reading a newspaper the newspaper is called daily mail

Jun 24, 2020. 02:30 UTC
Boy reading a newspaper the newspaper is called Daily Mail
United States of America

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The boy is sitting on a square box that has heart-shaped cutouts. M i Hummel is written on the side of a square base. the boy's hair is brown and a piece of it sticks up. The newspaper has the title Daily Mail and lots of writing on it. The newspaper is one sheet on top of each other and part of each sheet is flipping a little bit.


I don't remember

Answered within 3 days
Jun 27, 11:20 UTC
By Georg

Fair Market Value

$40 - $80 USD

Insurance Value

$120 USD
What does this mean?

Dear Judy,

Thank you for your request and your patience. The apprised object is a porcelain figurine made by the manufacturer Goebel and after the designs of Maria Innocentia Hummel (1909-1946). The name of this model is "Daily Mail" or "Latest News", has model number #184 and the hallmark indicates that this piece was made between 1935-1949 (TMK 1).
This piece is in good condition and there are no serious damages visible.
An estimation would be between 40 to 80 USD.
This estimation is based on actual recent past recorded auction sales of comparables. Retail "asking prices" can be higher and vary.

With best regards,

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