Bottle of xii clans rare scotch whiskey

Jan 13, 2022. 00:47 UTC
Bottle of XII Clans Rare Scotch Whiskey
United States of America


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1 Bottle of scotch whiskey. I am unable to locate any other bottle like it anywhere. There is no information on the internet and this is the only bottle I know of in existence


Inherited from my father. No information other than it was obtained in Rochester, NY

Answered within about 12 hours
Jan 13, 12:24 UTC
By Delia
The specialist needs more information

Hi Thomas,

Thank you for contacting Mearto with your appraisal inquiry.
Do you mind if I show photos of this bottle to a friend who is an expert in whiskeys? Asking only because it may take longer than the usual 48 hours to get a valuation back.

Please confirm at your earliest convenience,

Thomas difante Jan 13, 16:21 UTC

Yes, it can be shared with anyone that can give me information. Thank you

Delia Jan 19, 13:02 UTC

Hi Thomas,
Wanted to check in - I sent photos and information of this bottle to a former colleague who heads the Whiskey department at a major auction house in London who was happy to take a look. He hasn't responded yet - this was just the other day - so I'll circle back in another day or so to see if he's got any ideas. Sorry, your patience is greatly appreciated!

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