Bone statue

Jan 25, 2020. 23:03 UTC
Bone Statue
United States of America

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These are 2 hand carved statues Bone or Ivory (I think Bone) They are cold to the touch The male statue is 9.5 inches on a wood 1in Base The female statue is 10.5 inches on a wood 1in Base They are both dirty but otherwise in perfect shape


I purchased them in a thrift shop in Tampa

Answered within 2 days
Jan 28, 06:30 UTC
By s.k. Breider

Fair Market Value

$40 - $80 USD

Insurance Value

$120 USD
What does this mean?

Dear Steve,

What you have here are Chinese statues indeed made of bone and made in second half 20th century. I see them a lot and they are sold as decorative statues for export to western countries mainly. They were sold as a pair of royal statues and sometimes called made of Yak bone ( a buffalo from Tibet ). I do not think they are made of Yak bone but just cow bone.

Steve richards Jan 28, 14:52 UTC

The value you quoted is that for the pair or per figure

S.k. breider Jan 28, 16:49 UTC

Per pair sir.

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