Antique rocking chair

Sep 20, 2021. 22:42 UTC
Antique rocking chair
United States of America

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Not sure of the material or dimensions



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Sep 20, 23:03 UTC
By Delia

Fair Market Value

$60 - $90 USD

Suggested Asking Price

$90 USD
What does this mean?

Hi Michelle,

Thank you for contacting Mearto with your appraisal inquiry.
If you'd like for your appraisal to include dimensions, which is customary, please forward in the comments section - at your convenience - the height, width t the outside of both arms and length of the rockers and I'll update this ASAP.
Based on the photos and information provided, and subject to examination, this is:

A primitive American maple rocking armchair
Probably 1920s-40s
With tablet crest over slat spindles and splat, plank arms raised over a saddle seat, on four square legs joined by a box stretcher, all on rockers.
CONDITION: finish has been stripped
PROVENANCE: inherited
*represents a fair-market value for auction purposes; retail or asking price may vary.

Please let us know if you have additional items to appraise, and thank you again for using Mearto.

Michelle huff Sep 21, 00:15 UTC

Hi Delia!

It is the same chair. The previous owners stained it a dark color but didn’t remove the original varnish, so we removed it which is why the chair becomes lighter beige. It has all the stuff with it. Do I need to add a picture of the wood color a bit wet to show the actual hues?

Delia Sep 21, 11:58 UTC

If you can send a photo of the chair, intact (ie, with rockers attached), in its current condition, that would be great. Thank you!

Michelle huff Sep 22, 03:08 UTC

I added better pictures!

Delia Sep 22, 11:28 UTC

Thanks for the photos, Michelle, they were very helpful. If you'd like this to include dimensions, please forward them, otherwise you're all set

Michelle huff Sep 22, 17:58 UTC

24 inches arm width (outside to outside). Rockers are 32”. Height is 36”

Michelle huff Sep 22, 17:58 UTC

Does the price increase or decrease if we refinish or stain it?

Delia Sep 22, 22:56 UTC

Hi Michelle,
It would have been worth more if you had left the original stain/finish on it. At this point, it can only benefit from a sympathetic stain or period appropriate painted surface.

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