Antique notebook with some pieces of stamps newspapers from 1930 and 40s

Mar 15, 2022. 04:04 UTC
Antique notebook with some pieces of stamps newspapers from 1930 and 40s
United States of America

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11 tall 9 width looks very old



I don't know anything about this book I bought it from a Antique reseller

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Mar 17, 01:21 UTC
By Denizalp D.

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$20 USD
What does this mean?

Hello Jesus,

I’m very glad that you chose Mearto for your online appraisal,

Considering the photographs, overall pattern, context and the illustrations, I concluded that this is a Personal Memory Notebook from early to mid 20th century and composed of many illustrations as well as newspaper pieces. The piece likely dates back to the period between 1925-1945. The notebook has a signature or a name tha can be read as "Davis Hailey" or "Jarvis Hailey", Davis is more likely. We can name his interests and his composition by inspecting this piece. The notebook is mostly composed of illustrations some portion of it is directly related to the stamp collecting. The owner collected illustrations of famous artists of the time in this notebook. Most recognizable artists are Torkel Gundel and J. W. Clifford. Torkel Gundel was a known Danish artsts who immigrated to United States in early years of his life and later on he became very famous by his illustrations and his cachet works on stamps and postcards. His cachet works are very collectable today. J. W. Cliford was a cachet artist who designed many illustrations and post stamps as well. So, it is no secret that the owner of this notebook collected stamps and was were into the stamps and the cachet art. There are also newspapers including information about stamps. Mr. Haley's notebook is made of paper and it's cover was partially covered by fabrics to give the notebook a serious design, appropriate for the period. the pages are connected to each other by a single string, was quite common in early 20th century. The piece is in fair condition with signes of use and age.

Notebook of Mr. Jarvis or Davis Hailey.

Dimensions: 11 Inches by 9 Inches

Condition: The piece is in fair condition with signes of use and age.

Provenance: Purchased from an antique reseller.


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