Antique double barrel shotgun

Jan 20, 2022. 17:01 UTC
Antique double barrel shotgun
United States of America

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Looks like a flintlock type. It has two hammers you pull back; two triggers; It has a ramrod that you would use to load the wadding and bullets from the front and tamp it down.


No known history. Just been in the family for years (probably since it was manufactured (Civil war era? Pre? Post?))

Answered within about 6 hours
Jan 20, 22:57 UTC
By Bo Stuck

Fair Market Value

$170 - $180 USD

Suggested Asking Price

$150 USD
What does this mean?

Dear Keith,

Thank you for contacting Mearto with your appraisal inquiry. So that I may best assist you, can you please check to see if there are any markings along the top rib of the barrels, or any makers marks on the locks? If so, please send pictures of them. Thank you!

Bo Stuck

Keith fickel Jan 21, 20:38 UTC

I have looked several times. I cannot find any markings or makers marks.

Bo stuck Jan 23, 16:37 UTC

No worries. I appreciate you checking!

This is a double barrel muzzle-loading percussion cap shotgun from the mid 1800s. It was likely made by a singular gunsmith in America, hence the lack of manufacturer marks. The barrels are most likely from Belgium, and imported. This piece is in fair condition. The original finishes of the metal parts has been replaced by a dark patina, and there is some active rust and pitting present throughout. The wood is in good shape, with the checkering still present. There is a minor chip missing by the right lock. The shotgun is complete, with no missing parts. Based on the condition of this piece, and completed auctions of similar items, a fair market value is 170-180 dollars. Please reach out with any questions.

Bo Stuck

Keith fickel Jan 23, 19:36 UTC

Thank you very much. If I may trouble you for one more question. How does one go about selling something like this?

Bo stuck Jan 23, 20:05 UTC

As this is an antique, there are no legal regulations pertaining to its sale. Gunbroker and similar sites would be my recommendation for selling it online, but you could also sell it to a gunsmithing shop directly, or anyone else in person.

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