Antique Chinese dragon robe
25 October 2022

60 in wide/ 60 in long/multiple dragons/gold thread


60 in wide 60 in long


From my mother who got it from my great uncle who was stationed in China with US navy circa 1920

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By David U.
Nov 02, 22:24 UTC
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$3,000 - $4,000 USD
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This is an embroidered Chestnut Silk Dragon Robe, China, early 20th C. Richly embroidered silk with dark lining and vivid colors at the end. Decorated with five-clawed dragons couched in gold thread rising above a billowing lishui border. Auspicious Buddhist symbols embroidered in peking knot stitch. Size: 4'7'' x 4'4'' (140 x 132 cm).

Very good condition.

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