Antique bracelet

Feb 04, 2020. 19:23 UTC
Antique bracelet
United States of America


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Has Name venezia, a bridge, a man with gondolier. Its 8"×1 from one clasp to the other. All these on one side, the back side is empty.


Bought online. Seller description is that great great grandmother bought it in Italy in 1900

$15 - $25 (United States Dollar)
Answered within 2 days
Feb 06, 18:30 UTC
By Sabrina Vinther

Thank you for contacting Mearto with your appraisal inquiry.

It is a decorative bracelet. Such vintage jewellery are being offered at auction on a regular basis.
I think the bracelet was mad as a kind of souvenir for Venice. It may be silver or it may be silvercoloured material - without seeing the marks it is hard to tell. And if there are no marks it is probably not silver, but silverplated metal. I think it might be from the first half of the 1900s - a bit younger than your history says it should be.
It is a nice souvenir piece of jewellery however it is not the most valuable item.

The estimate provided is for a well-advertised specialised online jewellery auction, where I believe the bracelet has the best chance of realising its fullest potential. However, there is no measurement for the sentimental value you might attach to the Venice bracelet. Retail "asking prices" can be higher and vary.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions. I’m happy to help.
Thank you

Rose kamau Feb 06, 21:54 UTC

Thanks for the appraisal. I thought you would know at that particular time even though it might be a souvenir which metals they were using, be specific whether it is silver or plated. Lastly am at a loss how to classify it when selling. Any more help will be appreciated.

Sabrina vinther Feb 07, 18:03 UTC

Thank you for your comment. I believe it is silverplated metal as there are no silvermarks visible which there would be if it were silver. If you find any marks please take photos and send.
I would suggest selling it as a silverplated bracelet from the 20th century. Made in Italy as a souvenir from Venice.

I hope this is helpful.
Please let me know if you have additional questions.
Kind regards

Rose kamau Feb 11, 23:45 UTC

Hi mearto,
Thanks for your latest info. I have three questions. 1.Under the two bridges, I find what looks like writings, if you can please let me know what it says though very small.
2. The pendant with the Name venezia looks like it's a locket, but am not sure, but
3. If it is, how can I open it at home.
Thanks again.

Sabrina vinther Feb 13, 06:36 UTC

Thank you for your comment.
I do not think it is writing I believe it is decoration. As for the locket - if it is not thicker than the other parts then it is probably not a locket. If it were a locket it would probably open on one of the ends and you would be able to see a line all the way around the part.
Hope this is helpful.
Kind regards

Rose kamau Feb 14, 03:21 UTC

Thanks so much. After I bought this bracelet, I cleaned it not knowing I was supposed to check it out. I have it in it's original form and if you allow me, I can send it to you only for the purpose of checking the writing I see on it as am curious about it. I am sorry about all this. Let me know how I may forward the photo.

Sabrina vinther Feb 14, 10:05 UTC

Please do forward the photo - then I will take a look at it. I am intrigued as well :)

Rose kamau Feb 14, 18:50 UTC

I forwarded the photo this morning. Thanks

Rose kamau Feb 14, 18:51 UTC

I forwarded the photo this morning. Thanks in advance

Sabrina vinther Feb 15, 12:08 UTC

Thank you for the additional photos - I am afraid I cannot see any writing apart from where it says Vinezia.
Please tell me where to look for the writing/letters.

Kind regards

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