American Waltham Pocket Watch
07 March 2022

Silver Pocket watch


This was my grandfather's, I do not know any further history.

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For sale
Answered within about 1 hour
By David
Mar 08, 00:52 UTC
Fair Market Value
$80 - $100 USD
Suggested Asking Price $70 USD
What does this mean?

Hello David,
Thank you for sending this pocket watch into for an appraisal.
Gent’s, full size (16-18 –size not provided), coin silver, pendant wound and pendant/lever set, hunting case pocket watch, (no serial number provided) made by the American Waltham Watch company, Waltham, Ma. USA circa 1895-1905
“This was my grandfather's”
Case: No size provided, assumed to be either size 18 or size 16, coin silver hunting case pocket watch in an Art nouveau style with both covers engine turned and engraved with floral and foliate forms in the style of the Art Nouveau era (circa 1880-1910). One of the covers carries the monogram of the owner. There is a full fluted coin silver ball pendant and round bow placed at the three position (savonette) opposite the case hinge. The inside of one of the covers is shown, case number 20179 made by the American Waltham Watch Company for one of its own products. (They did make both watch dial, movements and cases.)
Dial: Round white enameled dial with fine black Roman hour chapter ring, closed minute track, sunken subsidiary seconds dial @6 and blued steel American style Spade hands with the dial signed, “American Waltham, W. Co.”
Movement: NOT SHOWN- Waltham made hundreds of different style movements and without showing me the movement nor tell me the size it is impossible to guess at the plate design.
Case – Modest wear to the engine turnings of the outer covers and the engraved design. Condition is good. The inside of one cover is good as well.
Dial: There is a hairline fracture of the dial running from the 20 minute marker to the 24 minute marker. The dial therefore is in fair to good condition with original steel spade hands and the signature on the dial still legible.
Movement: Not shown but I will assume for this appraisal that it is original to this case, genuine and functional with a cleaning.
MARKET for Waltham pocket watches:
Today’s pocket watch market is doing well at the higher end of the scale. The demand for non- Gold American made pocket watches is quite weak except if the watch is of railroad grade (this is not) or made by one of the upper end companies like Hamilton or the Illinois watch company.
Waltham Watch Company -
This American company was the first to produce watches by the machined use of interchangeable parts. This was the vision of the founders of the company; Aaron Dennison, David Davis and Edward Howard. The initial company was located at Roxbury, Mass. in 1851, and was called the Warren Manufacturing Company. The business moved to Waltham, Ma in 1854 and the name had just been changed to the Boston Watch Company. That business failed in 1857 and was sold at a sheriff's sale, reorganized and called Appleton, Tracy and Company. In 1859 the Waltham Improvement Company merged with Appleton, Tracy to form the American Watch Company. Between 1859 and 1885 the firm operated under that corporate name. These early watches were key wound. Stem winding was introduced in 1870. The last key wound watches were produced in 1919. In 1885 the name was changed to the American Waltham Watch Company. In 1906 it became the Waltham Watch Company and in 1923 the Waltham Watch and Clock Company. Production ceased in 1950.
The fair market value of a coin silver pocket watch made by the A.W.W. Co whether size 16 or 18 should have a value on the watch market today in the range of $80-$100.
If, at any time you wish to make the appraisal more precise feel free to send me the precise width of the case and clear photos of the movement so that I can read the serial number clearly.
I will be away to help a relative who is having surgery tomorrow but should be back on Wednesday or Thursday if you decide to send me further information.
Thank you for choosing for you appraisal.
My best,

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