A Burmese Husbands “Dowry” Chest
27 September 2022

This is a Lacquered Box with a domed raisable top. It has a removable tray inside and a pull-out concealed drawer on the front. It is red/orange and in good condition. The lower edge is carved.


The box is 12cm high including the dome. 20cm Wide and 12cm deep. Measurements are approx.


The box was owned originally by a Travelling Botanist from the estate of a Burmese friend. It was then gifted by his wife.

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By David U.
Sep 28, 14:05 UTC
Fair Market Value
$600 - $800 USD
Insurance Value $0 USD
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This is a vintage Lacquered dowry chest, a Burmese (12 cm high), teak trunk probably dating to the early 20th century. Attractive Burmese dowry chest Stout teak construction displaying good colour Grain interest throughout with a desirable aged patina.

Good condition.

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