“950” Sterling Coffee and Tea Service

Feb 20, 2022. 09:53 UTC
“950” Sterling Coffee and Tea Service
United States of America

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Additional Info: #81 Sterling silver coffee and tea service, 1 tray engraved with flowers, initialed “M”, 28.5” x 16.5” (including handles, 28.5”) 1 creamer, 1 sugar with lid, 1 tongs, 1 teapot, 1 coffee pot, all marked Sterling 950, 5130g - total weight of all items




Answered within about 7 hours
Feb 20, 16:48 UTC
By Delia

Fair Market Value

$3,000 - $5,000 USD

Suggested Asking Price

$5,000 USD
What does this mean?

Hi Abigail,

Thank you for contacting Mearto with your appraisal inquiry.
Based on the photos and information provided, and subject to examination, this is:

A vintage Brittania American 950 Sterling silver coffee and tea service
unattributed maker, all monogrammed "M", comprising:
1 coffee pot
1 tea pot
1 cream pitcher
1 covered sugar bowl
1 pair of tongs
1 tray (16 1/2 by 28 1/2 inches across handles)
total weight 5130g
CONDITION: not examined in person but appear to be in good condition.
*represents a fair-market value for auction purposes; retail or asking price may vary.

Please let us know if you have additional items to appraise, and thank you again for using Mearto.

Abigail montgomery Feb 21, 18:46 UTC

Out of curiosity, what does Brittania American refer to.

Delia Feb 21, 20:36 UTC

In America, the normal standard for sterling was 925 (925/1000) whereas English Brittania silver had was 950 (950/1000). If it were English Brittania, it would have hallmarks; because it doesn't, it's American Brittania.

Abigail montgomery Aug 03, 20:03 UTC

Hello, I have a question/clarification. Doesnt the 950 indicate the grade? I'm confused by the distinction between American and Brittish? It sounds like the grade is .925? We are having difficulty selling the set and have an offer for $2400. What are your thoughts?

Abigail montgomery Aug 03, 20:07 UTC

If the 950 doesn't indicate the grade what does it indicate?

Delia Aug 03, 22:35 UTC

Hi Abigail,
The .925 or .950 means the amount of silver per 1000 parts, with the other being some other alloy, typically copper. This website does a good job of describing it: https://www.thesprucecrafts.com/silver-marks-and-terms-149394
.950 - which is what your service is - has a higher quantity of pure silver and a lower quantity of alloy but is more likely slightly softer than it would be if it were .925, the standard for sterling.
$2,400 is not an unreasonable price though you might well get more for it if you sent it to auction.

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