(18 century ) four season wall cart work ( set of 4)

Sep 20, 2021. 21:09 UTC
(18 century ) Four Season wall cart work ( set of 4)
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They seem like stitches. Height: 31 inches Width: 11 intches There's marking from the back of the art.


I inherited this from my mom who had passed on 7/18/2021. It Came from her great great grandfather who used to work for emperor XianFeng from Qing dynasty. It was imported from Japan.

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Oct 06, 02:05 UTC
By Luciana M

Fair Market Value

$250 - $400 USD

Insurance Value

$650 USD
What does this mean?

My name is Luciana, I am an appraiser for Mearto and it is a pleasure for me to be able to help you.
It's a set of a Kakemono-e.
A kakemono (Hanging), better known as a kakejiku (Hanging scrolls), is a Japanese painting or calligraphy made on tissue paper or cloth in a vertical format, and secured to a support. Flexible, enabling it to be rolled up for storage.
A kakemono is used as part of traditional Japanese bedroom decor being applied to the tokonoma (a bedroom alcove specially designed for viewing precious objects). It may also be applicable in a chashitsu (tea house), for a traditional tea commandment, or in a Buddhist temple.
Each author marks their work with their signature, called hanko. Some families have kakejiku inherited from their ancestors and that are passed down through the generations, it is also common how people acquire Kakejiku in Japan, as a souvenir or for decoration of environments.
I tried to translate the marking on the back and it seems to be in Japanese and it says something related to eighth grade.
To store or transport this item must be rolled up.
The valuation is based on prices in the Asian art market at auction houses and antique shops around the world, we consult several databases.
The estimated value is for each of the items.

I apologize for the delay in the appraisal.
Thank you
Luciana M.

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