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How much is my signed photograph worth?

Have you recently inherited or purchased a signed photograph and want to know its value? Mearto provides quick and affordable online appraisals of signed photographs. All you have to do is click on the “Start Appraisal” button above and follow the steps to send us information about and images of your signed photograph. One of our qualified and experienced specialists will review and get back to you with a fair market and insurance value, typically within 48 hours. Have questions about the valuation provided, or would you like some advice about selling your signed photograph? We are here to help! Our platform allows you to chat back and forth with a specialist to ensure that all of your questions are answered. 

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How can I know if my signed photograph is valuable?

There are several factors that determine if a signed photograph is valuable. The photograph in question is more often than not going to be of a celebrity or someone well known. The photograph itself, depending on rarity, age, or content, can be intrinsically valuable. Generally speaking, a signed photograph is going to be more valuable than an unsigned photograph. 

The popularity of the subject who signed the photograph affects the value, so does the material with which the signature is made. For instance, a signature executed in ink or permanent marker is almost always more valuable than a signature executed in pencil. Aside from a signed letter, a signed photograph is the most valuable vehicle for a signature. Larger photographs are usually worth more than smaller photographs. The condition of the photograph will, of course, also impact the value. An autographed photograph in mint condition will always fetch a higher price than a damaged photograph.

Which signed photographs are the most valuable?

Obviously, signed photographs are commodities that are very vulnerable to forgeries. There are certain subjects of signed photographs that have been so frequently forged that it has negatively impacted the market for those subjects. Some of the most forged celebrity signatures (not only on photographs) are:

  • The Beatles: Having a complete set of signatures on an item makes an extremely rare and valuable collecting commodity making them some of the most commonly forged signatures. A genuine signed photo of the Beatles can be worth up to $5,000.
  • Neil Armstrong: Signatures from the first man on the moon are extremely rare and historically significant. An autographed photo can net you up to $5,000.
  • Michael Jackson: A genuine autographed photo of Michael Jackson is worth around $1,000.
  • Marilyn Monroe: Because of her early demise, very few genuine Marilyn Monroe signatures exist. An autographed Marilyn Monroe photo can net you up to $15,000.
  • Jim Morrison: Another tragic example of a short, but illustrious career, an autographed photo of Jim Morirsion of The Doors, will net you up to $4,500.
  • Walt Disney: Fake Walt Disney signatures are a common occurrence on the secondary market. His distinct penmanship adds to the value of his signed materials. A signed photograph from Walt Disney can be worth up to $3,500.
  • Judy Garland: A signed photograph of Judy Garland can be worth up to $2,000, but her signature is very commonly forged. 

How can I protect and preserve my signed photograph?

Framing your signed photograph can go a long way with preserving the quality and integrity of your signed photograph. Safe storage of your photograph, whether it be a frame, display case, acrylic toploaders, or plastic sleeves, preserving the physical integrity of your signed photograph is essential in preserving and even bolstering the value of your work.

Some complications that could happen if your signed photographs aren't stored properly include UV damage that can cause your photographs to fade. If you  choose to leave your signed photograph unframed or physically unprotected, your photograph can become soiled from coming into contact with general filth that accumulates as a result of an everyday environment. 

Would You Like to Sell Your signed photograph?

Mearto offers two opportunities to sell your signed photograph based on its current fair market value:

Customers with signed photograph expected to sell for $5,000 or more can take advantage of our complimentary Consignment Concierge service. We will contact leading auction houses on your behalf, collect offers and help you negotiate the terms of a consignment agreement. There is no additional fee or commission for this service.

For customers with signed photograph valued between $50 and $5,000, Mearto offers an exclusive Marketplace, which is accessed by a number of art, antiques and collectibles dealers around the world. If there is interest in your item, you will be contacted directly with offers through our platform. In the event of a successful sale, Mearto takes a 7% transaction fee.

To learn more about options for selling your signed photograph through Mearto, please click here.


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