Quick and affordable online appraisals of Collectibles

Communicate directly with a qualified Collectibles specialist and get a fair market valuation of your item, typically in 48 hours or less.

Quick and affordable online appraisals of Collectibles

Communicate directly with a qualified Collectibles specialist and get a fair market valuation of your item, typically in 48 hours or less.

How much are my collectibles worth?

Have you recently inherited a collection of items like figurines, memorabilia, ornaments, etc. and want to know its value? Mearto provides quick and affordable online appraisals of decorative collectibles. All you have to do is click on the “Start Appraisal” button above and follow the steps to send us information about and images of your decorative collectibles. One of our qualified and experienced specialists will review and get back to you with a fair market and insurance value, typically within 48 hours.

Have questions about the valuation provided, or would you like some advice about selling your collectibles? We are here to help! Our platform allows you to chat back and forth with a specialist to ensure that all of your questions are answered. 

What is a decorative collectible?

The term "decorative collectible" typically refers to an item that is both aesthetically appealing and sought after by collectors. These objects are often designed to be displayed or showcased as decorative pieces. While they are meant to enhance the visual appeal of an environment, they also hold value as collectibles.

What are some examples of decorative collectibles?

The world of decorative collectibles is vast and diverse. Here are a few examples:

  • Collectible figurines, like Lladró porcelain figurines, Hummel figurines and Royal Doulton character figurines
  • Limited-Edition plates from renowned brands like Wedgwood or Bradford Exchange
  • Ornaments, such as holiday-themed ornaments or those associated with a particular brand, like the Precious Moments Christmas ornaments or Swarovski crystal annual ornaments

What are the factors that determine the value of a decorative collectible?

  1. Rarity: The scarcity or limited availability of an item can significantly impact its value. Collectibles that are produced in small quantities or have a limited edition status tend to be more valuable than mass-produced items.

  2. Condition: The condition of the collectible is crucial. Items in excellent, well-preserved condition, without damage or significant wear, generally command higher prices. 

  3. Demand: The level of demand among collectors is a significant factor in determining value. Popular collectibles with a strong collector following or those associated with a particular trend, era or iconic brand tend to have higher values. Current market trends and the popularity of certain themes or categories can influence demand.

  4. Authenticity: For items that can be replicated or counterfeited, such as autographs or limited editions, authenticity is crucial. Provenance, authentication certificates or recognized grading systems can help establish the authenticity and increase the value of a collectible.

  5. Artist/Designer Reputation: Collectibles created by renowned artists or designers often hold higher value. The reputation, skill, and popularity of the creator can elevate the value of an item.

  6. Popularity and Trends: Collectibles that align with current popular trends or nostalgia-driven demand may experience temporary spikes in value. However, it's important to consider long-term stability and sustained interest when evaluating value.

What are some of the more valuable items in the decorative collectibles category?

  • Meissen Porcelain Monkey Band: In 2008, a set of 18th-century Meissen porcelain monkey band figurines sold at auction for over $5 million.
  • Lladró "The Night Before Christmas" Figurine: A limited edition Lladró figurine depicting Santa Claus reading a story to children once sold for around $12,000.
  • Longaberger "Rare Horizon of Hope" Basket: This limited-edition pink breast cancer awareness basket, released in 1995, has been known to sell for several hundred dollars or more depending on its condition and rarity.
  • Christopher Radko Christmas Ornaments: Some rare and retired Christopher Radko ornaments, known for their intricate designs, can sell for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. For example, the limited edition "Five Golden Rings" ornament from the Twelve Days of Christmas series has been known to sell for over $1,000.
  • Royal Copenhagen Flora Danica Dinnerware: Flora Danica is an exquisite and highly sought-after porcelain dinnerware produced by Royal Copenhagen. Full sets or individual pieces of this pattern can fetch substantial prices, with some rare items selling for thousands of dollars.
  • Wedgwood Jasperware: Certain rare Wedgwood Jasperware pieces, such as those featuring unique colors or designs, can command high prices. For example, a Wedgwood Portland Vase in solid black Jasperware sold at auction for over $50,000.


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Examples of online appraisals

Rebecca Bust / Sculpture

Est. $3000 - $7000

Pink Mid-Century Venetian Glass Bottles with Stoppers

Est. $800 - $1,200

Vintage Pink Cameo Ring

Est. $3000 - $7000

Pierre Bonnard Lithograph

Est. $50 - $200

Antique French Clock

Est. $4,500 - $5,500

Oil On Canvas By Maqbool Fida Hussein

Est. $140,000 - $150,000

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