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Dec 05, 2006
four collectibles
comprising: an earthenware jug; an earthenware jar; a scarab and an earthenware oillamp Quantity: 4
May 12, 2000
Photographic collectibles
Photographic collectibles including Can cameras, novelty cameras, camera novelties and related ma...
Jul 25, 2015
Metal Sporting Collectibles
Description: Two four-inch-long dove shooting gallery targets, two painted cast metal partial cor...
Sep 14, 2012
460 VINTAGE COLLECTIBLES; Fourteen... VINTAGE COLLECTIBLES; Fourteen pieces, ca. 1975: three lunc...
May 23, 2016
Wholesale collectibles (9)
Wholesale collectibles. Motorcycle Helmet Leather, skeppsur, two enamel signs (height 22 to 23.5 ...
Apr 10, 2016
Blue Horizon Collectibles
Description: Blue Horizon Collectibles. Consisting of a hat and 2 T-shirts. The Ring magazine vot...
May 14, 2015
Description: including 3 wall pockets, and a birch bark porcupine quill mat, tallest 13in. Catego...
Jun 25, 2015
Description: including a Waterford crystal clown and seahorse, a Limoges Tiffany & Co. porcel...
Mar 11, 2016
Collection Elvis collectibles
Collection Elvis collectibles consisting of: Plates, mugs, watches, mirrors, cassette tapes, EPs ...