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Art and antique appraisal near me.

We made the largest directory for you to find an art or antique appraisal near your home. The following is a simple guide on what to think about before you buy an art or antique appraisal.

The most important thing, when you are looking for the value of your items, is trust. If what you need is a truly honest evaluation of your items value - it is better to find a certified appraiser than visiting your local auction house or antique dealer.

An auction house and an antique dealer might persuade you to sell with them, so their estimate will reflect the potential in that shop and not always the fair market value.

A professional independent appraiser will not try to buy your item, because it is a violation of their professional ethics when they are hired as an appraiser.

The 3 big certified appraisers organisations are International Society of Appraisers, American Society of Appraisers, or Appraisers Association of America.

On each appraisers website you can see what category they appraise. E.g. stamps, jewelry, antiques, paintings, asian art. Appraisers often have specialities and if you are looking for an appraiser near your location - the time is well spent researching a bit to find the right match.

Appraisal Services

All appraisers have different services that you can get help with. The majority of services offered is these:

What Does an Appraiser Cost

Appraisers might charge a flat fee starting around $30 per item or an hourly rate that normally start around $150.

Do not engage with those that charge a percentage fee of the items value - it is unethical.

The normal fee for a complete check on a normal property is around $500 or more. Of course it depends on the size of your property and the amount of items that you need appraised. The appraisal service will include a written report with the objects value, a detailed description of how the value was determined and a clear and accurate description of the items.

You need to understand that items might be appraised differently according to what purpose you need. Insurance value is the retail value - what would it cost today to buy a similar item. If you want to sell the item - you will get the “fair-market value” - what someone would pay you for the item. It is also “fair-market value” that is used for estate tax.

When you find an art and antique appraiser near you - you can always call them or write them an email to get a quote on the task.