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How much is my antique furniture worth?

Whether it is a mahogany cabinet or a Georgian sofa set that you bought at an auction or inherited from your family, the value assessment of antique furniture is best done by a specialist. At Mearto we have professional antique furniture appraisers ready to help you find the value of your antique furniture.

Furniture appraisers consider the piece’s age, style, size, origin, and condition in order to determine the value of the furniture. No matter the type, style or condition your antique pieces, we will put you in contact with professional appraisers who will provide you with the accurate market value. Within 48 hours your furniture appraisal will be ready.

Below you will a complete guide. What to look for when determining the value of the furniture. You will also see furniture appraisal examples from our experts. You can review them and consider if you want to submit your item for review

If you want to have an antique furniture appraisal, fill out our form and send us detailed photographs of the furniture, on neutral background from all angles. Make sure you don’t forget to give us information about the condition and history of the item. 


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Antique furniture Appraisals

The antique furniture market fell in the last years

Antique furniture is one of the segments of the art market which fell in price in the last years. The market is concentrating on high-class pieces or pieces which are directly connected to a known person or provenience.
Furniture is connected to interior design and architecture and so quite easily detectable with the arguments of stylistics. Especially the second half of the 19th century produced a huge number of period furniture which sometimes is good in quality that could get mixed up with the originals.

How to determine the value of antique furniture

First argument is the condition. Antique furniture is objects which were used during the centuries and were repaired or upholstered. Then we have to have a look at the quality of the antique furniture. Because every household had furniture there is a huge rank of different qualities. Then the last and rarest step would be the identification of a workshop or master.

What are you looking for when appraising antique furniture?

First step is always the stylistics and material. An exact dating has to be proven with a look on the technical details. Many period furniture has a nice front but in the reverse side which is to the wall show all the little mistakes. Are the drawers rightly constructed, are there things which were not used in that time like screws. Then of course have a look on the condition. Shows the wood traces of the years and very important usage. For example, when there are no polished areas under the drawer this is a hint for an forgery or mariage (later combination of original and newer parts).

Is antique furniture valuable?

This is a valid question – just because a piece of furniture is old, it does not necessarily mean it is valuable.

Hence, we have dedicated ourselves to educating our readers about antique furniture valuation.

How easy is it to appraise antique furniture online?

Antique furniture is one of the more straight forward items to appraise online. With a good description and some in-focus images, our specialists will be able to give you a good reliable online appraisal within 48 hours.

Because antique furniture can be really heavy and unhandy, online tools like is a great way to get to know the true value of your furniture.

A set of four Danish West Indian mahogany side chairs with wickerwork seats. C. 1840. (4)

Estimate: $331 USD (SOLD for: $240 USD at Bruun Rasmussen)

Guides to help you estimate your furniture

Our articles will ensure that you can get the correct value for your antique furniture pieces. When talking about old furniture, you need to determine exactly how old it is. The age of antique furniture is the single most important factor. However, many other factors can come into play such as rarity, style, condition, and manufacturer or maker.

You can get information from the antique furniture experts about how each of these factors can impact the value of the item in your possession.
Generally, the rarer the furniture is the higher its value. But each piece of furniture is appraised differently. Check out each section such as Chairs, Cabinets, Dressers, Sofas, Tables, Benches and Stools, and Lamps so you can determine the market value for each type of antique furniture.

Antique decorated coffer


Sold for £ 20,000 GBP


Do you need an expert eye to give you an appraisal of your antique furniture’s market value? If your furniture does not match any of these categories and you would like an expert appraisal, then don't worry - You can upload your item in the form below and our specialists will take a look at it and give you an appraisal within 48 hours.

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