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What is my 20th century design worth

20th century modern and contemporary design is increasingly in demand by collectors worldwide. The prices have increased consistently and some unique pieces fetched astronomical prices at auctions, which begs the question: How are design objects valued?

The timeless design and impeccable craftsmanship in modern armchairs, sofas, and tables make them highly sought after both by traditional collectors and the younger generation. Materials such as warm wood, rattan, and luscious leather bring life into the early modern and mid-century furniture.

Whereas contemporary design furniture is popular due to its fine art-like sculptural form. Finding a 20th-century design appraiser can be tricky. If you have a design object and are curious about the market value, Mearto puts you in contact with appraisal specialists who make an assessment and determine the price of your 20th-century Design objects.

Recently appraised on Mearto

20th Century Design 21 Aug, 2019
Arne vodder
Hi Hoping this will be of interest to you. We have a sideboard which has been in the family since the 1950s my Grandfather purchased it in London at a exhibition it has always been known in the family as the Danish sideboard.We have had it in our house since 2004 it was moved a couple of weeks ago as we are combining our kitchen and dining room and we noticed the number 27 on the back so we decided to do some research this is what we found. 1/ There are lots of models 25/26/28/29/29A available for sale at dealers no 27 2/Our sideboard is the same width 84" and height 31" as the model 28 and looks the same wood 3/A model 27 does not appear in any catalogue or brochure held by any auction house or dealer we have contacted 4/We have searched the auction results of 4 million items on Mearto and Artnet no model 27 5/Our sideboard was made for export hence the imperial width 84" so we looked at the George Tarnier catalogues no 27 6/we looked in the Danish furniture directory no 27 7/ We contacted Marilyn Palley who started the Danish museum directory and she attributed it to Arne Vodder 8/There is no makers name on the sideboard because it was not intended for sale only exhibiting. We have come to the conclusion that this sideboard was never mas produced [the dovetails on the drawers are hand cut] and was never marketed and ours is the only one in existence.My Grandparents attended the Ideal Home Exhibition in London throughout the 50s and 60s we know Arne Vodder exhibited in London in 1954 we think my grandfather purchased it after the Exhibition so there would be no shipping costs back to Denmark and it could not be sold in Denmark because it is a imperial size.Because of the amount of work involved in the manufacture and cost of materials solid Rosewood not veneer the sideboard proved too expensive to sell in the Uk and they moved on to cheaper to manufacture sideboards.A local dealer has looked at it and considers it to higher quality than the model 29. We are considering selling the sideboard if you are interested please find attached photos.
Estimate: $12,000 - $18,000

20th century design Appraisals

Design is without a doubt one of the rising categories in collecting and also selling in auctions. Especially the younger generation begins to collect design because it is also a useful object like a shelf or chair.

How to determine the value of design

Design pieces especially furniture are mostly industrial design and so often pieces which are produced in higher numbers. We have to difference early pieces from later piecer or copies of an successful design. Other pieces like glass or objects in a lower number are signed or stamped.

What to look for when appraising design

Producer marks, stamps and the right material and little differences in the technical construction. Often the later pieces or remakes have little differences to simplify the production.

Is it a replica or an original

Look for papers or documents. When was is bought and is there a guarantee or some papers. Images of the technical details especially with design furniture could clarify if it is a later remake.