Do you need to value a large collection of art, antique and collectible items?

Let us handle everything.

Mearto's online appraisal system is quick and easy to use, but it can be cumbersome for customers with many different items, so we have a dedicated "white glove" staff to serve your needs and address your individual questions and concerns. Contact us today to learn more!

Who benefits?


Auction Houses



Insurance Providers






Financial Advisors


& More!

Who's eligible?

We offer hands-on, personal assistance with appraisal, authentication and consignment services to customers with 10 items or more.

To take advantage of this complimentary offer, please email [email protected].

Our Premium Offer.

Attractive bulk rates available, with the ability to negotiate your own price for collections over 10 items.

Assistance uploading your items, so that they can be evaluated by our online appraisal specialists.

Dedicated, one-on-one service and support from a member of the Mearto team.

Bonus "collection valuation" on qualified collections.

Advice and assistance with next steps, from certified appraisal for tax or insurance purposes to consignment and sale at auction.