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How does the Mearto consignment process work?

To get started, simply submit images and details of your artwork. Using the information you provide, Mearto will qualify and determine your item’s potential and, when appropriate, collect offers from auction houses and galleries.

A consignment specialist will then walk you through the options and answer any relevant questions you might have. There is no obligation to consign. If you decide to accept an offer, the auction house or gallery that wins your consignment will guide you through the next steps.

What are the benefits of consigning through Mearto?

Mearto acts as an agent to gather consignment offers from auction houses and galleries on your behalf. Skip the stressful and time-consuming process of sending your artwork to each seller individually.

Upload your information once, receive multiple offers and reap the benefits of side-by-side comparison. We partner with a wide range of experienced sellers, our consignment specialists are the best in the business and we offer the highest standard of service.

Who are Mearto’s partners?

We have established relationships with auction houses and galleries around the world to provide you with choice and some healthy competition for your artwork. From prestigious international auction houses like Sotheby’s to well-respected regional auction houses like Koller and Heffel, as well as several high-end and specialized galleries, we have the connections to find a seller that’s right for you. Our consignment specialists are on-hand to facilitate the perfect match.

When and where should I sell?

Simply put, you should sell your art when and where the demand is highest. Recent trends have indicated that now is the best time to sell works of modern and abstract art, with African American and women artists in the spotlight.

The US still leads the global market, with China in a close second place. Choosing the right seller, in the right location and at the right time can have a major impact on the price of your art.

Where can I get the highest price for my art?

If you want to get top dollar for your work of art, the best strategy is to consign with an internationally-recognized auction house or gallery.

In 2018, auction houses sold a record 538,000 artworks for nearly $15.5 billion, with a very steady unsold rate of 36 percent. Industry leaders are projecting continued growth in 2019. Galleries and dealers also routinely pull in high prices, with 7 of the 10 most expensive paintings sold in private sales.

I inherited a large art collection and with the advice from the Mearto specialist I was able to sell the collection quickly and with no stress.

- Marian Witherspoon, Washington DC