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Rolex Daytona

EUR16,000 - EUR18,000
Sold for: EUR20,365
Rolex Cosmograph Daytona
EUR6,000 - EUR7,000
Sold for:
Cambi Casa d'Aste
EUR50,000 - EUR80,000
Sold for: EUR78,568
Rolex Daytona Watch
USD12,000 - USD15,000
Sold for:
Wickliff Auctioneers

Henri Matisse Lithograph

Henri Matisse Lithograph, Framed
USD80 - USD120
Sold for: USD100
Bremo Auctions
No picture available
HENRI MATISSE. After. Color Lithograph.
Sold for: SEK5,700
HENRI MATISSE - Original color lithograph
USD500 - USD600
Sold for:
Stanford Auctioneers
HENRI MATISSE - Original color lithograph
USD400 - USD500
Sold for: USD405
Stanford Auctioneers

George Nakashima Chairs

USD2,000 - USD3,000
Sold for: USD3,500
USD3,000 - USD4,000
Sold for: USD3,250
George Nakashima, Lounge Chair
USD1,500 - USD2,500
Sold for: USD3,048
Stair Galleries
George Nakashima Mira chair
USD1,000 - USD1,500
Sold for:

Finn Juhl Desk

Finn Juhl desk
USD10,000 - USD15,000
Sold for: USD16,250
Finn Juhl 1912-1989 Finn Juhl desk chair
Sold for: DKK2,400
Desk chair Finn Juhl
Sold for: SEK5,000
Finn Juhl. Diplomat desk chair / armchair
Sold for: DKK1,550

Look up art prices with auction results from more than 160 auction houses

We offer a 30 day free trial on our auction results database with more than 4 mio. auction results from more than 160 auction houses. Including premium auction results from Christie’s and Sotheby's. An art auction database with prices on everything from artists and decorative objects like antiques, jewelry, watches and collectibles.

A fast and modern designed search engine for auction house prices. Here you can find the prices on artists, antiques, design and collectibles. We offer a 30 day free trial.

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A modern art auction results search engine

We have designed the database to make it fast and intuitive. No need to spend endless hours looking through antique price guides or buy the recent editions of books on antique prices.You can easily browse the results of your favourite auction house or search through artists prices from auction houses around the world. Searching in an online database is much faster than looking at auction catalogues or antique price guides. The Mearto auction results database is the simple and quick way to browse art auction prices without advertisement or upcoming auctions.

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Art market trends

We offer various sorting features in the art auction database that makes it easy for you to spot items that sell particular well at auction houses. E.g. search for Andy Warhol and sort to see the items that sold highest above the estimate. With our auction results database, you can do the same for other artists, antiques or special objects. Insights on art auction prices and artists is only a click away.

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Art auction prices for artists

We have more than 7000 artists in our art database. If you are looking for past auction results on a specific artists - just type in the artist name in the search field.

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Art auction results for top brands

It is also possible to find auction results in the database for watches, jewelry, antique, asian art, furniture, silver and other antiques & collectibles. Few other auction results databases offer access to these categories.

Fashion, Jewelry, Watches and Wine are big new categories on the auction scene. Lots of people are investing in these categories and a need to understand the prices better in these categories has emerged recent years. If you are interested in the recent auction results prices on top brands like Rolex, Louis Vuitton, Omega, Panerai, Cartier - visit these pages or type in your favourite brand in the search field.

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Auction results database facts

  • Founded 2015
  • Covering more than a decade of auction data
  • Built in Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Number of auction results +4 mio.
  • Unlimited searches
  • Thousands of artists
  • Auction results on antiques, design and decorative items
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Why use an auction results database?

Researching art auction results before you buy something at auction is time well spent. The advantage of access to a fine art database with auction results can be crucial when you need to determine the value of the artwork. However the usecases are many - antique dealers and professional appraisers also use the database.

The Mearto database can be used by everyone, whether you are looking for recent auction results on a specific artist like Andy Warhol, or looking for information on the value of a specific Japanese sword.

Who uses our art auction database?

Our auction result database is used by professional appraisers, antique dealers, auctioneers and collectors to provide estimates to customers or to understand the prices in the fluctuate art market better.

For example, our auction results database is used by professional appraisers - when they need to determine the value of art or antiques. It could be when they are estimating the value of an art collection or when they handle the value of an estate sale or probate.

Why should I use this auction result database?

There are many auction result databases out there, but they tend to be complicated and limited in features. With our database you get the best auction result database to the best price on the market. Many price databases are limited in the number of searches you can make - but not ours. We know that it can take several search queries to find exactly the right result, so it doesn't make sense to limit this. With more than 4 mio. auction results from 160 houses and new additions to the database every month - this is the value for money choice.

How many past auction sale prices can I see in the auction results database?

We offer access to more than 4 mio. auction results. It is an extensive auction results database and the only database with unlimited searches and a 30-day free trial.

Which membership plan is right for me?

We only offer one plan - which is a 30-day free trial and unlimited searches in one of the worlds largest databases on art and antiques. For only $22 a month.

Does Mearto list upcoming lots?

No - we only list auction results from top 160 auction houses around the world.

How can I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your account anytime from your account.

How can i contact you?

Reach out at [email protected]


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