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"I was educated at Sotheby’s in London, and have worked for 14 years at Bruun Rasmussen Art Auctions in Denmark both as an auctioneer and arts specialist. I have written three books and several articles on the subject antique silver, old toys, works of art, collectibles etc. For the past 22 years I have worked as a specialist on the Danish Antique Roadshow on television. I aim to give you the best estimate based on todays prices and demand for your particular antique or work of art."

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Determining Value of Antique Rugs and Carpets

When collecting or buying antique items, such as rugs and carpets, the most commonly asked question is this: “How much is it worth?” Just like any other antique items, the value of the antique rug and that of antique carpets can be influenced by many factors. Take note of these factors to help you determine the antique carpets and antique rugs value:
·         Artistry – When expert appraisers determine the value of the antique rug, the first thing they look at is the level of artistry. The movement and fluidity of the design are evaluated. To do that, they look into various elements such as contrast, shading, outlining, and other design elements that provide visual depth. The overall unity in the composition is vital in assessing its value.

·         Aesthetic Quality – This is closely tied to the level of artistry but must be evaluated separately as the purpose of rugs and carpets vary. Some buy them for a functional purpose, while others solely for aesthetic purposes. Is there a particular motif in the design? Do the elements work harmoniously together? These factors are taken into account to determine the aesthetic value of the item.

·         Age – The age of the carpet or rug is taken into consideration when determining antique carpets value. The carpets and rugs that are woven before 1900 (or the so-called Commercial Period) are considered more valuable. The earlier the piece, the higher its market value. When an old rug is in good condition, you can expect for the value to increase some more.

·         Size – The larger the rug is, the higher its valuation is. Although this does not apply to all rugs and carpets, it can be true when you are dealing with rare and collectible collections. This is also true in the case of rugs and carpets that are made with rare and high-quality materials.

·         Uniqueness – The level of artistry and originality of a carpet or rug can add to its value. If a particular carpet or rug is manufactured individually (meaning not mass produced), then you can expect it to be appraised higher than ones manufactured in batches. The one-of-a-kind quality of the rug and carpet can add to its rarity and desirability, especially among connoisseurs.

·         Materials – The quality of the materials in weaving the rug or carpet is a practical factor to be considered in evaluating its price. The higher the quality of the wool, the higher the price of the carpet, too.
In the end, the actual value of antique pieces such as carpets and rugs are only as high as anyone would be willing to pay for it.


How to Care for Antique Carpets

Antique carpets and rugs are quite delicate given the age of the item. It is important that you regularly clean the carpet to maintain its condition. You can use a domestic hoover (on light setting) in order to keep it clean. For hard stains, you might want to hire a professional carpet cleaner so as not to ruin the quality of the material.
When storing antique carpets and rugs, the best method is to roll them from the bottom. Then, pile the rugs and carpets such that they face inwards. It is not recommended that you fold a carpet or rug as it can result in the formation of cracks on the surface. You need to follow these cleaning and storing recommendations regardless of the type of carpet or rug that you own.

This category consists of a wide range of textiles including Flemish tapestries, antique church embroidery, antique table covers, all antique needlework, embroidery, wall hangers and antique costumes. Tapestries were the ultimate status symbol during late medieval, renaissance and baroque times. They were extremely costly and functioned as a luxury item in palaces and stately homes as a decorative way to isolate large rooms from cold stone walls. Today they are rare on the market and highly valuable. The market for antique decorative textiles, church embroidery, and altar covers is growing. Antique textiles that are well kept for years and may be passed from generations to generations are sought after by collectors and even museums due to their domestic historical value and meticulous hand skill and time spent on them. It is important that these unique and valuable items are assessed by a valuation expert in order to determine the market price. The auction value of an antique piece of textile depends highly on its age, provenance and most importantly the condition. If you want to find antique textile appraisal, fill out our form in detail and send us detailed photographs of the item, including the condition problems such as stains or holes.

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If I submit a tapestry collection for appraisal, am I obligated to sell the tapestry collection?

No! We will only appraise your tapestry but can help you find the right auction house to sell your tapestry

Are there any hidden costs or fees with an online tapestry appraisal?

No! Our pricing model is very transparent - $15 to assign an expert to review your tapestry collection

When will I get my online tapestry appraisal?

We guarantee your tapestry appraisal within 48 hours on weekdays, but most often it is faster.

Can I ask the specialist a question about the value of antique tapestry?

Our tapestry and rug specialists is here to help you and they will happily answer your questions about the value of rare tapestry

Can you appraise any antique tapestry?

We offer you the chance to get an expert to review your tapestry online for only $15 - they use the different databases to locate the value and look at recent auction results

What happens after I receive the tapestry appraisal?

You then have an experts opinion on the value of your rare tapestry and a description from an expert