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paintings 12 Oct, 2018
Anton Mauve (1838-88) 7"x9" Original Oil on Canvas in a shadow box w/Provenance
I just picked up this lovely little piece today at a Estate Sale. Im a full time picker.. But not much of an art guy.... The owner had lots of antique Dutch items and clocks... Most of the high dollar stuff had detailed history of where/when purchased... and none of it cheap/junk.... This was bought in a Philadelphia Auction house in the late 1950s and has since been nicely installed in this glass shadow box not long thereafter... This protective glass has done a FINE job of preserving the piece.. Very little crazing.. NO light damage. NO water damage That is decades of not having fingers, dust, and UV on the piece! Measures 7"x9" Painted area ------- 12"x14" Frame ------- 14"x16" Outer dims of the black shadow box------ Which I can tell is quite old.. Still has bubbles in the glass. The gold frame looks very old and period correct Sorry the item was a bit hard to properly photo... It cannot easily be removed from the shadow box.. It was VERY nicely installed and looks to have never been taken out of the box. There were other fine pieces of framed art in the home.. But the family got to them first.. They did not care as much for this one since it was rather small... Its a stunning little piece.. I look to sell it, But this will not reach top dollar on eBay.. I just know it from past experiences with art... Any advice on selling outlets would be greatly appreciated.. Seems to be a lot of interest in Europe for his pieces...
Questionable Authenticity
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