Wooden sleigh with figure-primitive

Jan 31, 2018. 15:06 UTC
Wooden sleigh with figure-primitive
United States of America

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Wooden sleigh with metal runners.


This item was at the bottom of a large box of old books and toys

Answered within about 3 hours
Jan 31, 18:15 UTC
By Nora Curl

Fair Market Value

$200 - $300 USD

Insurance Value

$500 USD
What does this mean?

The design of this carved wood and hand painted sleigh with metal sliders is based on 18th century Dutch children's sleds that were used like wheeled baby carriages on their terrain in the winter. This style is sometimes attributed to Russian sleds, however this is Dutch influenced. This particular scaled down size is used for displaying antique dolls. There are quite a number of these being offered on the market, and it indicates that these are newer 20th century made objects. The estimate is based on actual recent past auction sales of comparables.

Nora curl Jan 31, 18:15 UTC

What are the dimensions of this and at your convenience, please add clear, will lit, in focus images of the underside, any nailheads and a well lit view of the decoartive tableau on the backside and close-ups of the carvings.

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