White beard men oil painting

Jun 13, 23:15 UTC
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United States of America


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huge oil painting signed in antique ornate frame


antique mall

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Jun 13, 23:42 UTC
By Nora Curl

Please also add an image of the backside of this too (do not remove from frame).

Nora curl Jun 13, 23:42 UTC

Please also add an image of the backside of this too (do not remove from frame).

Djordje bamburac Jun 14, 15:22 UTC

it is in storage over 2 hours drive from here. can you do it without it, and then later review after i send new pictures?
it is oil on canvas

Nora curl Jun 14, 20:50 UTC

In order to provide the most informed and correct assessment on this for you, it really is quite necessary to see the backside. The backside is an aid in dating the work which looks like it may be later 20th century.

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