Watercolour picture of horse

May 06, 2019. 19:30 UTC
Watercolour picture of horse


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We think it is by a japanese artist but not sure.It has markings on front and is boarded with green silk and framed with glass Picture is 28 inches x 43 inches not including frame.


I aquired it from a art dealer many years ago who was a friend and is now out of buisness and deacesed.At the time he said it was quite valuable.I has suffered a bit of water damage and insurance wants the value of it I am told it can be restored to original.I have no other info on this but have enjoyed it in our home for years.

$200 - $400 (United States Dollar)
Answered within 38 minutes
May 06, 20:08 UTC
By Klaus

Thank you for submitting your item for appraisal. This appears to be a late 20th century chinese water colour, depicting a horse looking at its own image in the water, inscribed 顧影自憐 which most likely translates to "turn around and look at the image in self-pity", signed with the artist seal in seal script " 陈 Chen + ?". Unfortunately there are more than one thousand artists with that name listed and the left part of the seal refuses to reveal the meaning to me. The estimate is based on auction results for watercolours by lesser known artists sold at auction.

Douglas smith May 07, 17:28 UTC

I am sending more photos of better quailty Is there a email address i can forward the photos to make sure you get them

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