Jul 24, 2018. 04:33 UTC
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Antique violin


It has been past down from my grandma to my mom to me

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$200 - $1,500 (United States Dollar)
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Jul 26, 18:43 UTC
By Klaus

Thank you for submitting your item for appraisal. This appears to be a late 19th century Mittenwald violin in the manner of Andrea Guaraneri (1623-1698). The label reads "Andreas Guarneri fecit Mantua sub tit. Sanctae Teresiae 17 (scratched out)". For obvious reasons this can´t be true, he died two years earlier. His son Pietro used the label e.g. "Petrus Guarnerius Cremonensis fecit Mantuae sub tit. Sanctae Teresiae 1701). The label is a lithographic print, a technique which was invented in 1799. Such labels were widely used in the Mittenwald region to "improve sales". I assume the mixup of biographical data was cleared up by Willibald Leo Freiherr von Lütgendorff in 1904. Such Mittenwald region or Vogtland region violins usually sell within the price range listed. A hands on inspection by an auctionhouse specializing in instruments will be necessary.

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