Vintage rug late 1800- early 1900s

Oct 28, 2021. 23:32 UTC
vintage rug late 1800- early 1900s

Persian carpets

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Hi i have this vintage rug from late 1800 - early 1900 or so belong to my great grand mother , not much sign of wear because we keep it on top of a bed as a comforter to protected from wear and tear. there no tags , looks homemade i dont know , its very colorful so the pictures attach may not be good quality . again im not sure when it was made ,and im thinking of selling it and have no idea of the value , im email you do give estimates or suggestion tips you may have . its 98.5 inches x 78 inches or so . my g grand mother where very religious french peoples if that help and seeing angels on all 4 corners and center could give you a hint . thank you very much Sylvain Lapensee


from my great grand mother french religious peoples if that helps

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