Vietnamese tapestry

Feb 01, 2018. 17:46 UTC
Vietnamese Tapestry
United States of America

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36"x32" silk.


I bought this at the royal palace in hue, Vietnam in 1993.

Answered within about 5 hours
Feb 01, 22:28 UTC
By Nora Curl

Fair Market Value

$300 - $400 USD

Insurance Value

$700 USD
What does this mean?

This is a hand embroidered silk that uses silk, gold and silver thread to create the dragons and deities image. It is actually from Japan and dates to the second half of the 19th century. It is referred to as a fukusa. Japanese fukusa are silk embroidered square forms that were used during gift giving. A gift would be in a box, the box would be placed on a tray, and the tray would be covered with the fukusa. The more elaborate the fukusa, the more wealthy the giver. After the gift giving was done, the fukusa, box and tray would go back to the giver. This does have some condition issues of tearing to the red silk ground. The estimate is based on actual recent past recorded auctions sales of comparables.

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