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Nov 06, 2018. 22:16 UTC
 Vicuna and sable coat Item images 2f1541542759789 l8i6sdrgx4 a2472aea18f3791facb1da465b8501c7 2fe461ea0a 6e92 49a3 9fc8 6b3f09065112 Item images 2f1541542759748 1re333se1qw a2472aea18f3791facb1da465b8501c7 2f261b97ad 4d14 43a4 8656 055ed896bd9b Item images 2f1541542759679 icjewvd2l3 a2472aea18f3791facb1da465b8501c7 2f18529e19 86f5 48ac 9797 1d74639388c1 Item images 2f1541542759694 1aiwvsbrqzth a2472aea18f3791facb1da465b8501c7 2f7716f405 3643 4ce0 8d7b 717adce0244e Item images 2f1541542759633 5kgekt26r0f a2472aea18f3791facb1da465b8501c7 2fe148c7c0 3aad 471d bbde 89e007263084 Item images 2f1541542759813 m9vgtn74wc9 a2472aea18f3791facb1da465b8501c7 2f1343d2a3 4488 45cb 9dcd a54e105324bf Item images 2f1541542759611 7o054pab1pi a2472aea18f3791facb1da465b8501c7 2f511c257c 27fa 46ea aca2 65a69717a87b Item images 2f1541542759566 lhe87llbcbc a2472aea18f3791facb1da465b8501c7 2fc6ca3023 b488 4468 b38a d3f436cced02 Item images 2f1541542759836 cb6hqbzb9rg a2472aea18f3791facb1da465b8501c7 2f8a6547eb 19e9 46d4 af6a 008f99ee21d5 Item images 2f1541542759768 rkhh8uhfug a2472aea18f3791facb1da465b8501c7 2fc2d16120 4664 4209 b356 46816b2ddc76 Item images 2f1541542759715 8vfeaqvsru8 a2472aea18f3791facb1da465b8501c7 2ff63eed3a 7649 4d59 85b3 7d661fcc4864 Item images 2f1541542759807 s1n1470htb a2472aea18f3791facb1da465b8501c7 2f7a755284 0c1d 4624 b854 c2ea91d9e3d6
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Details: - Label: Krikis for Royal Crown Sable - Salon: Salvatore Greco Furs (original hanger included) - Material: vicuna and sable, with full inner lining - Color: dark gray - Style: swing, with raglan-yoke sleeves and thin shoulder pads (makes coat suitable for all body types) - Size: fits sizes 8-18 (M-XL) due to its swing shape - Closure: 3 button (2 of them hidden) - Pockets: 2 angled flap Measurements: - from armpit to armpit: 22" - shoulders: ~18" (suits all shoulder widths due to raglan sleeves) - sleeves: ~28" with cuff rolled up (could be adjusted shorter or longer - depending how much the cuff is rolled up or down) - length (from center back neck to bottom hem): 45.5" - sweep (from open edge to open edge): 94" Condition: mint - no flaws, never worn, stored in fur salon in a climate controlled conditions. Besides the main label, there are no other labels on a coat as it was a model item.


This coat is a unique, one of a kind model item (year 1993 or 1994). Letter from designer Thanassis Krikis confirming that he designed this coat is available. The furrier Salvatore Greco whose salon initially owned the coat gifted it to his dear friend. She was too petite to wear it, but did not want to make any alterations due to expensive fabric of vicuna. She had it stored all those years at the furrier’s salon in a climate controlled conditions. Last year she gifted it to me. I am thinking on selling it online, and wonder what its value could be.

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$200 - $300 (United States Dollar)
Answered within 2 days
Nov 09, 04:56 UTC
By Corey

Thank you for contacting Mearto with your appraisal inquiry.

The item appraised appears to be a one-of-a-kind coat, designed by Thanassis Krikis. The coat is charcoal vicuna with a sable lined neck and cuffs. Unfortunately, I am unable to find any auction records for Thanassis Krikis, as a designer. The auction market for fur coats is very depressed. People do not wear fur or purchase it, due to animal welfare issues, as they once did 30+ years ago. The auction market has reflected this shift in society. I have sold full length fur coats for $10 at auction. We simply cannot give them away.

However, I think this coat could find a buyer online or on consignment in a clothing store, that would pay more than at auction. My estimate is for auction, and is based on comparable vicuna coats, but I think you could realize double at a consignment shop or on EBay.

Kind regards,

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