Dec 12, 2017. 20:54 UTC
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2" x 3" x 6" Yellow & Brown Vase with Roses on one side. Dated 1828 on bottom


Given to me in Ohio

Answered within 34 minutes
Dec 12, 21:29 UTC
By Nora Curl

Fair Market Value

$20 - $45 USD

Insurance Value

$65 USD
What does this mean?

This is an antique 19th century, Victorian era, German or Austrian vase that actually dates to just about 1890. The impressioned numbers, 1828, are actually the mold form pattern number and not a date reference. The material is likely porcelain and the 1828 form shape with double handles and slender neck vase was molded. The floral decoration was transferprinted in color and not hand painted. Prior to 1892, when the McKinley Tariff was enacted, wares were not required to state a country of origin on them. These used to sell for significantly higher a few decades ago and were at their height of market value in the 1980s. This market has considerably slumped since then and moreso since the Recession. The estimate is based on recent actual past auction sales.

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