Twin fish celadon plate from shipwreck ceramic collection

Dec 01, 2019. 20:16 UTC
Twin Fish Celadon Plate From Shipwreck Ceramic Collection
United States of America

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Hello, I have a large collection of celadon plates, bowls, and iron painted underglaze lidded jars from various shipwrecks including the nanyang, Longquan, and Turiang shipwrecks and possibly items from other wrecks including this twin fish glazed plate. I believe it may be from the Song Dynasty era but am not at all certain. I am attaching photos of the collection as well as the plate I am specifically inquiring about.


Western Carolina University, The Kimmel Collection, NC USA

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Dec 03, 07:09 UTC
By s.k. Breider

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$1,500 - $2,000 USD

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$3,500 USD
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Dear Seth,

I believe your bowl has all the characteristics of an original Song Longquan celadon Fishbowl. The fat glaze look ok, the color is good, stand stand looks original and the shape is also ok I believe. My estimation is based on an not restored ore damaged piece. I'm not sure but there seems to be some restoration to a rim ?I am a little confused about the pictures. You zoom in on two plates so it seems A small darker green one and a brighter green plate. My estimation is for the brighter green plate. It has no measures described but I believe I can see its around 30 cm wide.

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