Tranquil blue

May 15, 2018. 19:18 UTC
Tranquil Blue
United States of America


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Size 1.5 m 76 in W by 37 in H Dark Wood frame with black mat


Peter Lik Ceasars

Expert appraisals:
Logo %281%29
$4,250 - $5,250 (United States Dollar)
Answered within 16 minutes
May 15, 19:34 UTC
By Erin-Marie Wallace

Hello Debra,

Thank you for submitting your photographs by Peter Lik for evaluation. Your images did not load to this request b(but did for your Hidden Temple request); would you mind reloading them?

I look forward to assisting you,


Erin-marie wallace May 15, 19:37 UTC

ahhh... I see you submitted all of the images to the same request. No problem, I'll refer to your image of Tranquil Blue. Are any of your pieces limited, numbered editions or are they open editions?



Debra chapa May 16, 00:00 UTC

I am reloading picture

Erin-marie wallace May 16, 12:05 UTC

Thank you Debra, I'll have all three of these completed for you today.



Erin-marie wallace May 16, 12:17 UTC

Dear Debra,

Let's begin with Lik's image titled, 'Tranquil Blue'. This is one of his most popular images and it is offered at auction on an average of once per year. When it is sold at auction the hammer price varies between $4250USD and $5250USD. If you have any follow-up questions regarding this piece, please let me know and thank you for submitting to Mearto.



Debra chapa May 18, 21:29 UTC

I am having difficulty sending the appraisals to my insurance company, they won't open when I try to send them

Erin-marie wallace May 18, 23:32 UTC

Dear Debra,

I apologize but I am not sure how to answer your question as the technical aspects of the file types, etc. is beyond my knowledge. You may need to resort to printing and mailing. Are the appraisals .jpeg?




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