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Jan 08, 2019. 20:25 UTC
TK antique rug
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This rug was purchased at a garage sale many years ago and I was told it was most likely Navajo?? Honestly, I do not know anything about rugs but I thought the pattern and colors were beautiful so I purchased it. This rug has just been in storage since purchased. There are not any holes or stains. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of wear and tear on it either. The dimensions are roughly 7ft long x 4ft wide.


Garage sale

$20 - $50 (United States Dollar)
Answered within about 22 hours
Jan 09, 18:51 UTC
By s.k. Breider

A Persian rug indeed inspired by Indian motives, I saw some before. This rug is machine made and not hand knotted unfortunately. I think its made in the second half of 20th century. The backside sometimes reveals makers sticker or patch. If so please send me a picture to narrow down the factory were it was made. Persian means that it also can be made in Turkey. Persian rugs were originated in the old Persian empire were Turkey was a part of. It is known that recent made Turk rugs are called also Persian. It has bright colors and is indeed very decorative. The hand knotted one's are the more expensive one's.

Tanya koester-radmann Jan 09, 19:49 UTC

Thank you for the information. I will send another picture of the back side when I return home in a few days. There are not any labels on it that I’m aware of. Curious how can you tell that it isn’t hand knotted??

S.k. breider Jan 10, 11:18 UTC

Dear Tanya,

I was mistaken. I have to apologize. I now see it is hand knotted. Knots have different size and also lines are not completely straight as pictures before suggested. I have to change my evaluation on your rug. Its Persian, second half 20th century and if you want to sell it I would suggest a marked price of 80 / 150 euro for it. I should have asked pictures of the back right away, happy you send it to me so I could correct my mistake.

Hope you are satisfied with the service and looking forward for your messages.

Simon Breider

Tanya koester-radmann Jan 10, 15:13 UTC

Thank you for re-evaluating the rug. Good to know this information.

Kind regards,


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