Tibet buddha bronze statue with four arms

Nov 09, 2019. 01:08 UTC
Tibet buddha bronze statue with four arms
United States of America

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around 8" high. I believe this is a bronze cause it's quite heavy...I might be wrong. I think this is a tibet buddha statue and at the bottom you will find a flower consecration seal. When you tap on the base, it sounds hollow. The buddha has four arms. weight:958 grams


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Answered within about 8 hours
Nov 09, 08:57 UTC
By s.k. Breider

Fair Market Value

€60 - €120 EUR

Insurance Value

€180 EUR
What does this mean?

A circe perdue ( in one piece, with lost wax method ) casted bronze buddha figure called Bodhisattva Vajrasattva Buddha. This buddha is associated with the esoteric aspect of learning the buddhist way. Its made mid 20rth century so has some age but its not antique yet. These buddhas' are on the market in quite some quantity's. Older ones are sought after but also younger ones find there way to collectors and people who are spiritual interested or just want a nice statue in their home.

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